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The 5 Best Advantages of outdoor led advertising screen!

Why are there more and more outdoor led advertising screen in cities?

In the era of information explosion, the attention of consumers has become more scarce, and the carrier of information transmission has higher requirements. The outdoor media carriers of one-way information transmission, such as column advertising, light box advertising and bridge advertising, can no longer meet the demand of the market.

Nowadays, there are more and more outdoor LED advertisements in the city, and it has become an important carrier of outdoor advertising in the city. So, what is the reason for advertising agencies to favor outdoor LED advertising, compared with the past outdoor advertising media, what is its advantage in the end?

Bigtre-led advertising screen billboard-900
standing led advertising screen

1. The image effect is realistic

The outdoor LED advertising screen adopts the latest imaging technology, which not only improves the image clarity, but also effectively supports a variety of forms of advertising content. The advertising image content will also show a realistic visual effect, so as to attract the attention of potential users.

2. Strong adaptability to the environment

Now, with the development of technology and the progress of manufacturing process, outdoor LED advertising screen prices are getting cheaper, outdoor LED advertising screen is mostly waterproof, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, you can adapt to various forms of outdoor environment, so as to further improve the efficiency of outdoor LED advertising.

3. Multiple forms of advertising

As a new generation of outdoor media, outdoor LED advertising screen supports a variety of advertising forms. Through the naked eye 3D effect of the large screen, the immersive experience of “immersive” is created, which changes the traditional one-way and compulsive information communication, brings the audience a stunning visual experience, and improves the communication effect of advertising.

Bigtre-led advertising screen billboard-900b
standing led advertising screen

4. Convenient content update

The switching of outdoor LED advertising screen content, compared with other types of outdoor advertising, without on-site operation, all the display information can be controlled by remote network, just use the mouse click operation can be one key to change the picture information, so as to achieve the city and regional advertising display network cluster, save time and effort.

5. The led advertising screen is easy to maintain

The outdoor LED large screen is made of a number of boxes through seamless splicing technology, which means that if a part of the screen is not bright, you can directly change a box or change a light-emitting diode inside the box can be restored to normal use.

New technology development and application, so that outdoor LED advertising agencies to obtain the favor. From the marketing needs of the brand, outdoor LED advertising can not only provide realistic visual effects, the powerful display function can also further consider the personalized needs of consumers, which also makes the outdoor LED advertising marketing value and quality to be further improved.

Bigtre-led advertising screen billboard-900a
standing led advertising screen

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