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Summary of the advantages of outdoor billboards

Summary of the advantages of outdoor billboards

As we all know, outdoor billboards are generally divided into two categories: double-sided billboards and three-sided billboards. Double-sided billboards are composed of two basic parallel boards. Three-sided billboards are made of three basic parallel in a triangle structure. Below, the technical consultant of Hangzhou Big tree Advertising Engineering will give explain in detail the specific content of outdoor billboards.


advantages of outdoor billboard

1. The choice of geographic location (advantages of outdoor billboard). The outdoor billboard owner can place outdoor advertisements in areas and places that he/she believes are more in need of advertisements to support the promotion, and the autonomy is strong. Generally, outdoor billboards are mostly on the highway, traffic lanes, parks, plazas, service stations, high-rise buildings and station terminals. Thus, not only the information arrival rate is high but also the repetition rate is high in the selected display area. In a certain area, as the number increases, the repeated arrival rate will increase significan

2. The persistence of information dissemination. Outdoor billboards are limited in their selection due to objective conditions. Outdoor advertisements are generally simple and concise, with prominent themes, clear, easy to remember, and strong visual impact.

3. The cost of outdoor advertising is irresistible compared to other media (advantages of outdoor billboard). According to the survey, the average cost per person of outdoor advertising is only 1/10-1/30 of other media such as TV, newspapers, etc. In the reality that the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the company is under pressure to cut costs, the huge cost advantage becomes One of the main reasons why outdoor advertising is favored.

4. New technology advantages (advantages of outdoor billboard). The continuous advancement of science and technology has made the outdoor advertising card itself a great development, and its forms of expression are more and more diverse. Commonly used are: spotlight billboards, neon billboards, single column billboards, light boxes, Hou In addition to these traditional self-raised media, some high-tech merchants have begun to apply, such as large outdoor projections, using a high-power projection device. Using the principle of optical projection, the high-brightness light source is used to project the full-color advertising content on the negative film onto the outer wall of the high-rise building to form a visual impact outdoor advertising at night.