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All You Need To Know About Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

billboard advertising in nigeria

Billboard advertising is a perfect option for advertising media, organizations, individuals and non-gvernmental organizations (NGOs) to publicize their businesses to people. The significance of this advertising medium can’t be underestimated as it has proven to be the sure-enough means of public advertising. If your are looking forward to placing an advert on billboards, then this post will update you on how much it would cost to promote your business on billboards in Nigeria.

With many billboard advertising agencies arising in Nigeriathere’s a requirement to remember on the varied sorts of billboard that might best fit your publicity needs. The reason being that there’s a typical size of billboard in Nigeria that would draw attention if placed at the proper location. Sizes like 12 by 24 feet and 14 by 48 feet are commonly wont to really draw attention when placed at authorised spots within the country.

The aim of each business venture is to maximise profit. In pursuit of this goal, most companies strive to sell their products and services also as increase their clientele base. It is imperative to note that sales are a by-product of the level of awareness a brand has garnered within the market. Most times, consumers patronize brands that they know or encounter often via various sorts of advertisement (TV, radio, billboards, digital e.t.c).

Nevertheless, of all the advertising forms, statistics show that outdoor advertising has the very best recall rate. The advantages of outside advertising are immense, especially billboard advertisements. In Nigeria, advertising on billboards is seemed to be for the large brands only thanks to its cost.

Several factors are liable for the high cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria. However, the few brands that have the resources to run extensive billboard advert campaigns have, over the years, reaped its fruits, which include and not limited to: high brand retention and recall, increased consumer loyalty, increased sales, positive brand repositioning and image building


Billboard advertising is an outside ads placement that’s regulated by the relevant government authority. The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) is that the only body liable for vetting every advert be it TV or as billboard adverts, should be confirmed by the govt agency. APCON is the body charged by law for guideline of commercials in Nigeria.

However, if there should be an ad advertising, the sponsor of the ad can plan to buy an advertising space from office or erect a replacement billboard. Independent of billboard advert space possession, reviewing fees should be paid to the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria followed by charges for the advert space.

In Nigeria, before any advert can go public, it must be approved by the Advertising Practitioner’s Council of Nigeria (APCON). This is the regulatory body liable for the approval of advertisement copy in Nigeria called vetting. For an advert copy to be approved,

  1. Application is formed by the advertising practitioner seeking approval to advertise attaching a professionally produced advert copy/layout in colour and merchandise samples of not but 12 units.
  2. The application is then forwarded to the Chairman of the Advertising Standard Panel (ASP) along side all the attached documents.
  3. The ASP meets twice every month. However, a request may be honored provided the applicant takes full responsibility for such an emergency meeting.
  4. Provisions are available for 8 hours and 16 hours accelerated vetting.
  5. A formal letter notifying the applicant of the status of the appliance are going to be sent as soon because the application has been received.
  6. No advertisement under the vetting category should be exposed unless a certificate of approval from the ASP, signed by the Chairman and therefore the Registrar of APCON has been received by the applicant or media house.
  7. Copies of the Certificate of Approval must be attached to all or any media orders.

After the vetting process has been completed, one can plow ahead to print the advert material and mount it on the chosen advert space. The location of the billboard is extremely important because it determines the success and effectiveness of your billboard advert. The billboard should be located in a neighborhood that communicates your advert message to your audience



Here are the important things to note before placing a billboard advert in anywhere in Nigeria.

  • Advertisements Vetting Fees: this is often the fees paid to the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, as they’re the body liable for managing advertising charges or reviewing charges for every advert. The fees are a couple of times hooked in to the type of advert and site the advert are going to be placed. On the entire , APCON is government recognized body that manages commercials in Nigeria.
  • Length of Advert: The duration or how long the advert should last is additionally dictated by what proportion the advertiser offers . Obviously, a year billboard advert will have significant cost contrast with a half year advert length. You should take note of all these variables. Every one of them are some of the essential issues that structure cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria.
  • Rent/Lease: it’s significant that you simply consider the expense of renting the advertising space for the billboard advert placement. The cost of leasing advert space in Nigeria varies from one place to another and that implies that you shouldn’t expect the same amount of rent in Enugu to be in Lagos. You should consider that because all of those factors influence the worth advertisers pays for leasing billboard advert space.
  • Printing/Shooting Cost: The cost of printing also contributes to the cost of billboard advertising. As such, it is important to consider it during planing of board advertising in Nigeria. The cost of printing of the advert message in the situation of static billboard is less compared to the cost of shooting adverts in case it is electronic or computerized billboard. In Nigeria, it’s obvious that static billboards are more traditional and generally utilized in Nigeria. The cost of static billboard is determined by the size; the bigger the flag, the more costly the expense of printing.

Advertising costs of all various types of billboards in Nigeria


billboard advertising in nigeria

Cost of advertising on 16 sheet billboard in Lagos is about 300,000 Naira annually per side, in total, clients are expected to pay 600,000 Naira annually, this is often aside the ads campaign which in fact you’re expected to possess had on ground before approaching the media company. In other states like Rivers, Ibadan, Ogun state, the value of this billboard goes for around 150,000 Naira annually.When weakened monthly, the value of advertising on the 16 sheet billboard in Lagos is 50,000 Naira. The 16 sheet billboard is considered one among the littlest stand alone billboards.


The super 48 sheet comes both in sort of digital and static (Banner) structure. it’s a free standing billboard, the advertising space is typically 3inches by 6inches long and breadth respectively.

An example of an excellent 48 sheet sized digital billboard is that the one at Allen round about at Ikeja. Currently, the banner super 48 sheet billboard is being faced out by LASAA, this is often one among her moves in revamping the signage and advert industry in Lagos.

The advert rate for super 48 sheet non digital billboard in Lagos is 700,000 naira per side, each side goes for 1.4milliona naira. For digital billboards advert rate is between 900,000 and above.


The UNIPOLE is one among the foremost common sort of billboard advertising in Lagos state. Unipole is additionally one among the foremost expensive method of advertising, an enormous structure that spans over 40 feet within the air. Constructing and installing a UNIPOLE billboard cost over 6million Naira and above which is excluding the LASAA approval fee.

Due to the value of erecting this sort of billboard, some Media companies cash in of its cost implications and choose three sided Unipole structure, here, the Unipole billboard is made to possess 3 sides, of equal lengths and breadths. For your information, all of them cost an equivalent amount annually.

The cost of advertising on a Unipole billboard in Lagos state is N9,000,000 per side, so for a double sided Unipole billboard, you’ll be expected to pay eighteen million naira (N18,000,000) and for a client taking all three sides, twenty seven million naira N27,000,000 is that the cost annually.

In other less developed states like Oyo, Ogun state cost of advertising on a UNIPOLE billboard goes for around 5 to 6million naira for just a side. In Abuja, it goes for roughly 10million naira.

Though it’s very rare for clients to require all sides, only a few multinational corporations like Guinness Nigeria, Glo, Etisalat, MTN and other powerful organizations have the finance to fund such ad campaigns.

The duration of Advertising on a UNIPOLE billboard is extremely flexible, you’ll place ads for as low as fortnight , though you’ll be required to pay slightly higher.


This type of billboard is documented to several but a couple of know the name. The Gantry billboard is that big billboard that cuts across the roads, that’s from one end of the traffic to the opposite end. It covers both going and coming traffic, an example of Gantry billoard is that the huge billboard at Oshodi where you board a bus getting to Opebi-Secretariat at Ikeja, at when coming from Isolo. it’s one among the foremost expensive sort of billboard advertising.

The Gantry billboard is made to face up to any sort of environmental hazards except earthquakes. To register with LASAA to erect a Gantry billboard in Lagos goes for 1.5million Naira (N1,500,000). thanks to the dimensions of this billboard, series of soil tests are administered by LASAA soil engineers to determine the strength of the soil in comparison to the load of the structure to be erected and most significantly , to make certain its environmentally safe and friendly should there be a disaster.

Cost of Advertising in Lagos on a Gantry Billboard per side is 20,000,000 Naira (N20,000,000) then for each side is 40million Naira (N40,000,000). In Abuja, cost of advertising on a Gantry billboard is 25,000,000 flat rate for only one side (one way traffic) while 2 sided, that’s going and coming traffic is 50,000,000 Naira (N50,000,000). Though the representing media company could give discount, this relies on the result of the meeting.


Here, wall panels are attached to the wall of a multiple storey building or sky scrapper and ads campaigns are placed on them. They also require approval from LASAA but first, the management of the building or landlord/Landlady must be contacted before any concrete decision are often made.

Cost of Advertising on a Wall drape is additionally hooked in to the dimensions . The length and breadth of the space plus duration of the ads campaign would determine the entire cost of advertising on this sort of billboard. Here we cannot categorically tell you the precise amount thanks to the varied sizes attached to the present sort of billboard but the common wall drapes with size 6inches by 12 inches which matches for around 700,000 thousand naira per anum for a campaigns made with flex materials except for digital Wall drapes, cost of advertising is around 1,000,000 Naira and above.

Please note that each one wale drapes are one sided sort of billboards since they’re attached to the walls of any structure, it might be fences, buildings and therefore the likes.


Just like the name implies, it’s place on the roof of buildings that are strategically placed in high traffic zones. a bit like the wall drapes, most roof tops are usually one sided billboards. they are available in various sizes, you’ll place a 48 or a 96 sheet sized billboard on a building, this relies on the space available.

Roof top billboards are usually placed on buildings with decking (Concrete roofs), this provides it the firmness it requires to face up to heavy winds.

Cost of advertising on a roof top billboard is from 800,000 Naira and above, this relies on the dimensions too though. The roof top billboard may be a very strategic sort of advertisement. It comes both in digital and static format.


They are popular advising methods. it’s almost like Gantry but its a smaller structure, a typical example of bridge panel billboard is that the one that cuts across the road showing motorists descriptions on directions. they’re usually green in color. Another sort of bridge panel billboards are the advert placed on the side of a pedestrian railings or the concrete, facing the traffic.

Cost of Advertising on a Bridge panel in Lagos is about 3million naira per side per anum.


Backlit comes in 48 sheet and 96 sheet sized billboards. The spotting difference is that it’s illuminated. That is, inside it, a candescent light is installed to offer it proper visibilty and a catchy attraction especially in the dark .

Cost of advertising on a Backlit billboard in Lagos is N800,000 and above once a year this might be negotiated notwithstanding.



This involves pasting ads campaign on an expensive bus, comutter buses especially. we are very conversant with the LAGBUS and BRT buses. This advantage of this sort of advertisement is that your adverts are seen altogether routes these buses are deigned to ply. Using bus branding would depend upon your audience . If your event, product or services are channeled along the route these buses ply then it might be best in helping achieve your objectives.

Cost of BRT, LAGBUS and opulent Bus Branding In Lagos

As seen above within the table, BRT, LAGBUS and other luxurious bus branding advert rates in Lagos cost around 2,000,000 Naira once a year .


When we leave for our daily activities, we encounter this sort of advert on the streets, both on main roads and highways. it’s usually attached to street lights and installed in an eye fixed catching position.

Usually, it comes in flex and banner format, and it’s always double sided, thanks to its small size, one advertising campaign is typically attached to quite 20 street lights, it’s done that way due to the high possibility of missing the message or ads campaign the advertiser is trying to expire to the general public , that’s if you miss the primary or second advert, there are numerous ads ahead to assist add up from where you omitted from.

Most Telecommunication companies in Nigeria make best use of this sort of advertisement.

The cost of advertising on a Streetlight Lamp post in Lagos is 250,000 naira per annum , this also depends on the situation of the billboard, some Media companies charge more while some charge less especially when competition is stiff.



On the average and depending on the type of billboard, it would cost over ₦500,000 to ₦3,000,000 to place an outdoor billboard advert anywhere in Nigeria.

Below is how much it would cost in placing a billboard advert in various states in Nigeria this 2021.


Nigeria’s most commercialized city, Lagos has the foremost number of billboard adverts than anywhere within the country. All things considered, the overall cost of creating such advert placement within the city is typically costly.

The cost of Billboard advertising in Lagos are often between ₦200,000 to ₦3 million relying upon above stated factors influencing the value . Also, leasing a billboard space in Lagos can cost between ₦1.5 million to ₦3 million relying upon the situation .

Putting in the duration and site factor, these amount are often higher if the advert is meant to last is longer than 90 days or but if the situation of the bulletin is very targeted.

The cost of billboard advert placing in Lagos foreign places like Ikeja, VI, Lekki can cost around ₦3 million for a duration of three months (90 days). Likewise, these areas are preferable and best areas for creating this type of outside advertisements in Lagos city.

Likewise, if it’s a computerized advert, the value for leasing or fixing the billboard adverts in Lagos are going to be higher therein case. In Lagos, the value of renting an area in computerized billboard is from ₦1.5 million or more, contingent upon area and site . within the wake of renting an advertising space, then, at that time comes printing of adverts and payment of confirming charges to APCON.


Abuja city is another remote populated area in Nigeria. Being the capital of the country, there are lot of activities getting into there and it’s one among the foremost highest number of billboards in Nigeria. Taking a peek at the expense of placing an ad advert in Abuja is a smaller amount , we will see that it’s invariably an equivalent when contrasted with Lagos.

The cost of billboard advertising adverts in Abuja remote areas like Wuse, Maitama Garki is around ₦2 million to ₦2.5 million for 90 days duration. The listed areas are best locations for advert placement within the city. Nevertheless, this cost depends upon the variables we recorded previously.


The cost of placing an ad advert in Port Harcourt is additionally on the high side. this is often due to the economic and commercial activities within the oil rich city. There are a couple of areas in Port Harcourt that are viewed as best for billboard advert placing. some of those areas are Ikwere Road, Aba Road, Ada George and Airport Road. watching the value of placing an ad advert in any area within the city, it’s almost just like the aforementioned cities. Billboard advertising cost within the Port Harcourt high target areas is around ₦2 million for time of 90 days.


Kano is that the most commercialized city in Northern Nigeria and intrinsically it’s the simplest regions for mounting of billboard adverts. the simplest billboard placement areas within the renown city include Kano metropolis, Dala, Fagge, Gwale, Kano Municipal, Nassarawa and Tarauni.

Looking at the value of billboard advertising in Kano, it’s something like Lagos and Abuja costs. the value of placing an ad advert in Onitsha is around ₦2 million for those high target areas we mentioned. the worth could also be low for the less remote areas.


Enugu capital , Enugu is additionally an honest place to put your billboard adverts. the simplest areas for this type of adverts within the coal city includes Ogui Road, Otigba Junction, Holy Ghost then forth. Generally, the value of billboard advertising in Enugu is around ₦1.8 million for the duration of 90 days.


In the course of the article, we examined the value of placing a billboard in anywhere in Nigeria. Though we didn’t dwell deep within the cost for all areas within the country, however we covered some significant urban areas. We explicitly examined the value of board advertising in notable Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Enugu. this may offer you a view of billboard advertising costs across significant urban areas within the country.

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