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What are the characteristics and advantages of outdoor advertising?

What are the characteristics and advantages of outdoor advertising

What are the characteristics and advantages of outdoor advertising?

As a media alongside film, print and radio, outdoor advertising has its own distinctive characteristics. Compared with other media, it has an absolute advantage in terms of “time”: the release is continuous, stable and easy to reach, unlike TV and radio, which are fleeting; however, it is at a disadvantage in terms of “space”. However, it is at a disadvantage in terms of “space” – it is restricted by regional visuals, and the visual range is so large that seeing is seeing, and not seeing can’t be done at all (of course, outdoor main roads, bus shelters, buses and other networked media have made up for this deficiency). A clear understanding of the advantages and limitations of outdoor advertising will help us analyze the functions of outdoor advertising. The most important function of outdoor advertising is to establish a brand image, followed by the release of product information. We summarize its uses as follows.

  • To strengthen the corporate image and leadership position among similar products
  • Improve the public awareness of the company’s products
  • Strengthen the connection between corporate brand and its products


1. Establish corporate image, in view of the selected target city “city standard” area or key locations to highlight the strength, establish a strong brand image to establish brand leadership position

2. to release product information, in view of the concentration of target audiences in selected cities to improve public awareness of products, enhance brand contact and exposure frequency, for different markets, outdoor advertising should not be invested in the same way and with the same intensity.

How to choose the right outdoor advertising for yourself to put up, special attention should be paid when choosing:

a. Large billboards are good for building corporate image and establishing leadership in similar products effectively strengthening audience awareness of the brand

b.Medium-sized billboards help establish brand and product image, and are placed in dense locations to increase brand and product awareness.

c. Pavement light box advertising has wide message coverage and is usually released flexibly in the form of outlets, which can accurately cover the target market, with high exposure frequency, and can rapidly increase product awareness, and can combine different products under its banner in the same advertisement

d. The message coverage of bus advertising is also more in outdoor media, which is conducive to penetrating all social strata, with a wide range of mobility and a high arrival and dissemination rate


Outdoor fixed media advantages.

1、High arrival rate

Through strategic media arrangement and distribution, outdoor advertising can create an ideal arrival rate. According to a survey conducted by Strength Communication, the arrival rate of outdoor media is currently second only to TV media.

2、Strong visual impact

The ancient method of erecting giant billboards in public places has been practiced for thousands of years, showing its effectiveness in conveying information and expanding influence. A giant billboard set up in a prime location is a must for any company that wants to build a lasting brand image, and its directness and simplicity are enough to charm large advertisers around the world. Many famous outdoor billboards, perhaps because of their durability and prominence, have become famous symbols of the area, and people may not even see the streets and buildings, but only these giant billboards are unforgettable.

3、Long release time

Many outdoor media are permanent, all-weather releases. They stand there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this feature makes it easier for the audience to see, so it will be there for a long time for customers who need it.

4、Low cost per thousand

Outdoor media is probably the most value-for-money mass media. Although its price varies, its cost per thousand (i.e. the media cost per thousand audience) is very advantageous compared to other media: $2 for spotlight billboards, $5 for radio, $9 for magazines, and $1020 for prime time TV! But customers are ultimately more interested in the cost per thousand, that is, the cost per thousand audience.

5、High city fixed range coverage

By combining the target audience in a certain city, choosing the right place to publish, and using the right outdoor media, you can reach multiple levels of people in the ideal range, and your ads can work well with the rhythm of your audience’s life.

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