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Why creative billboard ads are so important?

Why creative billboard ads are so important?

Why creative billboard ads are so important?

According to the data, the average American drives 10 hours and 50 minutes a week. That means people have all the time in the world to look out the window and let their eyes linger on the scenery …… until they land on a billboard.

Zoom in, zoom out, those two seconds are all the time a brand has to convince you that you have to try the new bacon burger. But while most of these so-called “going out” ads are tacky, too eye-catching and bland to make us think about what they’re selling, there are some that do just the opposite.

Here the ads are like works of art, and when we see these works of art, our brains may not follow the usual rules. The brain bends, interacts, spaces, reacts to weather, light or darkness, and they completely disrupt our senses. Let’s give a big round of applause to all the creatives and agencies who took a break from brainstorming and successfully presented their ideas to their clients, and thank them for making billboard advertising great again.

Thomas, a renowned outdoor advertising expert, said that when it comes to advertising, it is always beneficial to address people from several advertising means at the same time. “That’s where outdoor advertising comes into play. As an advertising medium, it’s been growing over the last few years.”

To gauge its efficiency, however, Thomas suggests looking at the overall context of a particular campaign. “It’s not the billboard itself that’s working, it’s the advertising on the billboard. He said. When asked how to create an creative billboard ads, Thomas said: “As a general rule of thumb, I recommend not showing the product. Thomas further explained: “We shouldn’t assume that people walking past our billboards are currently in the market to buy our products, so billboards, like any other form of advertising, should create value for every passerby.”

At the same time, different things work in different contexts. For example, “a joke that makes your day, a question that makes you think, a relevant moment that makes you understand something.” You either like the ad, or you ignore it. The latter is more common. Thomas believes that if every ad was signed by its creator, there might be more creative billboard ads to enjoy.

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