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How Much Does Digital Billboards Cost? Updated for 2021

How Much Does a Digital Billboards Cost from Start to Finish?

Digital billboards and other digital signage became commonplace around the world, and that’s no mistake. They’re incredibly effective at grabbing the eye of passersby and allowing marketers to deliver their message effectively at a look .

But you would possibly be wondering what proportion you’ll expect to pay so as to adopt a digital billboard, and whether or not it’ll pay off within the end of the day . After all, if you opt to adopt a digital billboard display, you’ll be investing a hefty amount of cash up front. during this article, we’ll be providing you with a full cost breakdown for digital billboard displays from start to end covering varying types, sizes, and samples of displays we’ve worked on to supply you with some clarity about investing in digital displays.

To give you a thought of the value of digital displays as an entire , we’ll also discuss other digital signage structures during this article, like in-store displays and various alternative outdoor displays to offer you a thought of cost comparison. So, if you’re struggling to make a decision where to shop for a digital billboard, interested by what it costs, or simply want to understand more about digital OOH advertising, read on.

How Much Does Digital Billboards Cost

1.What is digital billboard advertising?

Digital billboards are computer-controlled LED displays or electronic controlled off premise signs capable of displaying ads, words, symbols, figures, content, or images which will be digitally or electronically changed by remote or automatic means. Advertisements on digital billboards and signage rotate in slide show fashion every 6-8 seconds. Digital billboard displays combine the advantages of traditional billboard advertising with the convenience and innovation of current technology. Digital billboards also are mentioned as LED signs or digital signage.

Digital billboards are getting the well-liked choice of top tier advertisers because they’re visually stunning, on 24/7, eye-catching from distant , and permit advertisers the power to launch campaigns almost instantaneously. Advertisements on digital billboards and signage rotate in slide show fashion every 6-8 seconds.

How Much Does Digital Billboards Cost
Digital Billboards Cost – Case1

2.What will the digital billboard purchase process be like?

So that you know exactly how to buy a digital billboard, we explain the step-by-step purchasing process.

1.Asking for your quote. If you are clear on the features that you want your digital billboards, you can ask for a personalized quote, which will give you an approximate figure of the total Digital Billboards Cost. Accept the budget with BIGTREE to complete your acquisition.

2.Manufacturing process. To be up to date on how the construction of your digital billboard is going, you will be able to follow the whole process day by day, from the construction, the verification and even the day in which the digital billboard will be delivered.

3.Transportation. We usually send goods by sea unless it is an emergency, in which case we send them by air. All our billboards are completely designed and manufactured in modular way, which allows optimized containerization transportation.

4.Start-up. Once we have delivered the digital billboard, you will not be alone. BIGTREE will help you to start it up with the help of integrated manuals and, when you have finished the assembly, one of our technicians will verify that everything works correctly.

How Much Does Digital Billboards Cost-
Digital Billboards Cost – Case2

3.Where can I buy a digital billboard?

As this product’s sales are growing, there are many companies that are incorporating this type of digital billboard in their general catalog to take advantage of the pull and current demand, which causes many of these companies do not have a professional knowledge of the product and be simple resellers of digital billboard.

Thus, customers are faced with a large choice and with such a remarkable difference in prices that it may raise doubts about the correct choice of the desired giant digital billboard. Therefore, they often ask us what to consider when someone wants to buy a digital billboard.

How Much Does Digital Billboards Cost
Digital Billboards Cost – Case3

Our recommendation is to always rely on experts who are exclusively dedicated to the manufacture and sale of this product, precisely so you can have an answer for each of your questions before, during and after the purchase process.

4.How much does it cost for a digital billboard?

Now, after seeing all the above information, you’re probably wondering “How Much Does a Digital Billboards Cost from Start to Finish?” Well, this entirely depends on the scope of your project.

In the past, digital billboards appeared to be limited to large corporations that had huge budgets to use. However, with the increasing affordability of digital LED technology, digital billboard advertising is becoming increasingly available to SMEs too.

Generally, an outside digital billboard will cost you up to $280,000 USD but this relies on factors like size, location, quality/clarity of the screen technology, and duration of the display. additionally to the present , you’ll also expect to buy the structure and installation of the billboard, which, at BIGTREE, will cost you around $78,000 USD on top of the billboard price.

How Much Does Digital Billboards Cost
Digital Billboards Cost – Case4

5.Are digital billboards profitable?

The short answer is yes. And thankfully, digital billboard solutions are now hospitable many as marketers can hire screen time via digital billboard vendors if they’re not currently during a position to possess their own custom digital billboard manufactured.

Over the future , digital billboard advertising can prevent money as print costs are completely eliminated, and that they can generate more profits than traditional print material does.

In terms of ROI, let’s take a glance at the figures.

According to a study administered by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), OOH advertising (of which digital billboards are part of), businesses can expect to ascertain a 497% ROI in terms of revenue and may improve the effectiveness of digital search by over 40% for every campaign. Databank states that although search shows the most important boost from OOH advertising, all marketing channels tend to ascertain a lift in results including social, TV, radio, and press.

6.Which other digital signage solutions are available?

BIG TREE is a Chinese trusted digital signage suppliers and has designed and produced all types, sizes, and configurations of steel structures to the outdoor advertising industry for more than 20 years. Being in the business for two decades, the company offers a wide range of products including LED advertising screen billboardbus sheltersoutdoor billboardsstreet furnitureled display billboardlight box,etc. Till now our products have been successfully exported to over 35 countries.

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