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How can I find digital billboards for sale? Updated for 2021

How can I find outdoor digital billboards for sale?

In the stage of the rapid development of the Internet, it is really convenient for you to find suppliers of digital billboards for sale. So I will list the ways I have summarized over the years, so that you can find the way suitable for your own habits to connect with the right supplier resources.

Generally, there are two ways to select suppliers:

  • Offline search
  • Online search

Offline search, there are mainly two ways:

  • Friend introduced
  • Trade Fair

Introduced by friends is relatively reliable, but resources are limited. If a very reliable friend recommends a suppliers of digital billboards for sale for you, you will naturally assume that a friend of a friend is also a reliable person. Just as you approve of the shopping experience on a shopping website, you naturally categorize the products recommended on the platform as reliable.

In fact, the exhibition is also a good choice, you can communicate with each other face to face, communicate with each other about the details of the product, product process, you can also learn from the chat the specific type of products made by the other supplier, from the exhibition samples about the level of products made by the company in the same category of goods. In addition, the most important point of the exhibition is that many enterprises are gathered in the same exhibition hall at the same time, so we can get a general understanding of the competitors of existing suppliers at this time. The competitors of suppliers can also be their own suppliers in the future.

digital billboards for sale

To sum up: the advantage of offline supplier search is that you can see the digital billboards for sale intuitively and communicate face to face instantly. The disadvantage is that friends introduce the need to have a certain number of contacts, for the new procurement may not have a good early contacts resources. There are only a few exhibitions a year, and not all the factories will come to the exhibition. In a word, the scalability of resources of both approaches is not ideal.

There are four main ways to find online:

1. Digital billboards for sale B2B platform, the Internet is developing so rapidly today, B2B platform is also becoming more mature. It is easy to find a variety of Digital billboards for sale B2B platforms, with 1688 (Alibaba China Station) and Made-in-China performing the most.

2. The online platform of the exhibition. After participating in the offline exhibition, don’t forget to find it in the online platform of the exhibition. The resources of the suppliers are also clear at a glance. For example of the online platform of Yiwu Small Commodities Fair.

3. Industry associations. Can industry associations also find suppliers? Basically every industry will have an industry association, and the members in the industry association will abide by the relevant regulations of the association to ensure that there will be no vicious competition, so the authenticity of the enterprises in the association is relatively high. And some associations need to be paid by the company before they can join, so the suppliers in this channel are worth digging deeper.

4. The search engine is now a web page we must order every day. Due to the high commissions charged by the B2B platform, most manufacturers choose to build their own foreign trade independent stations. Manufacturers save the high commissions for entering the B2B platform, so that more funds can be spent on product research and development, so as to produce more products with good quality and competitive prices.

digital billboards for sale

Summary of personal experience:

The advantage of online supplier search is that there are many target suppliers. As long as you want to find a product, you can basically find suppliers online.

The disadvantage is that there are many suppliers of Outdoor Digital billboards for sale, and the reliability and integrity of the target supplier cannot be identified immediately. Moreover, there are certain differences between online communication and offline face-to-face communication, and the quality of the sample mentioned just now is inconsistent with the actual production product.

In fact, when looking for suppliers, I think the most important factors are the size of the factory, the aging degree of the employees, and the boss’s view on product quality and delivery time, followed by the price. Don’t expect the other side to give you the lowest price for the first time, I think the first time to give you the lowest price is the quality of the hole. No matter what product, the enterprise must have a profit to do, when the price is low to the cost price, the factory may appear the situation of jerry-building. Therefore, in the first cooperation, we should first define the product quality and then negotiate the price.

The first problem we encounter in purchasing is how to establish our own supply chain. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the suppliers of outdoor digital billboards for sale is a manufacturer, a trader or an agent. What matters is whether the supplier can provide the company with suitable products and after-sales service. If you have other ways to find suppliers of outdoor digital billboards for sale, please feel free to leave a comment and we will learn together.

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