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Why Digital Billboards?

Digital Billboards are changing the OOH landscape by having the power to vary advertising content using digital technology. Digital billboard advertising content is static and in instances has multiple advertising messages presented in rotation every few seconds.

  • Digital billboards add a further layer of timeliness and relevance to your campaign through a digital execution.
  • Easily change creative messaging supported triggers like time of day, weather, or sports scores.
  • Digital bulletins deliver high impact creative that’s bound to excite and delight your target audiences.

The Effectiveness of Digital Billboard Advertising

Through the most recent study on DOOH, among consumers noticing digital billboards reported:

  • 52% noticed digital billboards that gave directions to a store, business, or restaurant
  • 57% of them immediately visited the business after viewing the ad
  • 93% of these visiting the business made a sale
  • 52% of viewers with smartphones have engaged in actions on their mobile device after seeing a digital billboard within the past year


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    Advantages of Digital billboards

    1. Prime locations

    Digital billboards are usually inbuilt the busiest locations. More people passing the billboard means more potential customers watching your ad.

    2. Production cost savings

    There are not any posters required, so you save on the value of printing.

    3. Shorter lead times

    Your ad is shipped electronically to the screen, which may happen during a matter of hours. No got to send a paper poster fortnight before your ad goes up.

    4. Multiple messages

    If you’ve got different stores to market , you’ll send different versions of your ad with the address of every one. If you’ve got two different products or services to market , just send two ads – you’ll use some time slot to display them both.

    5. Flexible start dates

    Outdoor advertising traditionally works in two week blocks and there are good reasons for this. However, with digital, you’ll start and endways the day you would like . If your event is on a Wednesday, you’ll stop your advertising on a Wednesday, or the Tuesday before, or the Monday…

    6. Shorter campaigns

    Two weeks is usually the recommended period for an outside advertisement to get on display, so as to optimise your exposure. There are however situations when it’s going to be more beneficial to run your ad for a shorter number of hours over a extended period of time . does one have a special offer every Tuesday? you’ll prefer to show your ad every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday only, stopping when your offer stops on the Tuesday. This reduces potential ‘wastage’ (when your advertisement is a smaller amount effective), making more efficient use of your budget.

    7. Specific times of day

    Think about your product. If you’re an off-license or bar, does one want to advertise to people on their morning commute? The afternoon could also be a more appropriate time to advertise your bargain bottle of wine. you’ll prefer to capture people’s attention as they go home from a stressful day at work!

    Advantages of Digital billboards
    Advantages of Digital billboards

    How Much Can I Make if I own a Digital billboards?

    This really depends. The key driver of Digital billboards value is location and traffic. A Digital billboards generates more income than a wooden pole billboard in a small town. If your property is in an ideal location, you may even have a bidding war for your location because only one billboard can be built by one company.

    In general, expect to receive somewhere between 15-20% of the gross revenue per year. If you’re not sure how much this is, you can call the outdoor advertising sales departments of these companies to see how much they would charge you to advertise in your area.

    Product Drawing

    Each outdoor advertising structure is designed and manufactured as a one of a kind, unique project. We continually work to improve structure designs and refine our fabrication methods so that we can consistently deliver high quality structures with short turn-around times.

    We offer Digital billboards structure designs varying from the very basic to the extreme configurations demanded by difficult locations.

    If you are looking for an Digital billboards, ad billboards or Street furniture advertising. BIG TREE has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision for your business.

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    ad billboards-drawing

    BIGTREE can custom according to your sizes or any other demands.

    We have standard size, but if your needing size is different from them. Don’t worry,we can custom for you! Or you have special requirements, also please feel free to contact us, we will design for you specially.

    highway billboards-highway billboards cost

    Container Shipment

    Worried about how such a huge structure could get to your country?

    All our product are completely designed and manufactured in modular way,100% bolted together, which allows production flexibility, simple transport and storage. The bolt ball&bar structure can be dismantled into small parts during transportation to make full use of the space in the container.

    Let us show you! WhatsApp today at +86 153 9707 9605 or Get an Online Quote!

    Packaging Details

    Unipole Billboards Packaging Details
    Unipole Billboards Packaging Details

    Packaging Details

    Container Shipment

    Unipole Billboards Packaging Details
    Unipole Billboards Packaging Details-4

    Container Shipment

    Container Shipment