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“Green billboards” will become the future dominant outdoor advertising, are you ready?

"Green billboards"will become the future dominant outdoor advertising

“Green billboards”will become the future dominant outdoor advertising, are you ready?

What is “green” advertising? It starts from the earth that we live with all the time —-
At present, climate warming and haze have become a reality that each of us cannot escape. With the deterioration of the living environment, our concern and action for “green low-carbon economy” is getting stronger and stronger. As a professional outdoor advertising manufacturer, Hangzhou BigTree Outdoor Advertising is willing to take the responsibility of protecting the global environment. The “green” billboard was therefore born, which represents a trend and responsibility that will become the future development direction of the outdoor advertising industry and gradually replace the existing advertising manufacturing model.

Throughout the outdoor advertising media manufacturing industry, mainly relying on steel as the main raw material, there is no new material that can shake the status of steel in the outdoor advertising industry. Looking back at the development process of industry, any achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction are the result of technological innovation, the effect of which comes from both direct and indirect energy conservation and emission reduction: the former refers to the direct reduction of energy consumption and waste emissions in production, and the latter refers to the potential energy conservation and emission reduction benefits brought about by the use of advanced products.

In order to create “green” billboards, Hangzhou BigTree Outdoor Advertising has made attempts in the following aspects:
1、Improve the mechanical properties of outdoor advertising products through professional steel structure design, use a reasonable amount of raw materials to meet or exceed the safety and aesthetic requirements of outdoor placement of traditional outdoor advertising products, and extend the life cycle and reduce the negative impact of product use on the environment.

2、All hot-dip galvanizing process. Outdoor advertising products to achieve anti-corrosion effect, often use paint to treat the surface, and brush all surfaces once a year to ensure anti-corrosion effect. In order to solve the problem of paint pollution and artificial waste, Hangzhou BigTree Outdoor Advertising has developed a full hot-dip galvanizing process, which makes the outdoor placement of advertising products as high as 30 years without rusting. Durable outdoor advertising products will reduce society’s need for new steel production, which can effectively slow down the consumption of natural resources.

3、Product disassembly and reusable concept. Improving the recycling rate of resources is also an important way to save energy and reduce emissions. Hangzhou BigTree outdoor advertising products in the design of full consideration of reusable performance, the product application of 60mm system design concept, the realization of standard parts design, CNC production, so that each accessory as far as possible to achieve universal, easy to disassemble and reuse, reducing the waste of resources.

4, supporting green energy – led solar lighting system
Outdoor large billboards at night, such as to achieve a good lighting effect, a two-sided cannon lights up 5 hours a night need to consume 32 degrees of electricity, a year consumption of 11,680 degrees of electricity, Hangzhou BigTree outdoor advertising led even light products single power of 18w, a year only need to consume 1051.2 degrees of electricity, energy saving more than 90%. If equipped with the matching solar energy system, truly achieve zero light pollution of clean energy full power supply.

5, through the optimization of process design to achieve convenient on-site assembly, greatly save labor and reduce the impact of construction on the environment.
The guiding concept of product design is that all accessories can be produced by numerical control equipment to ensure the accuracy and beauty of the products, and the accessories have been processed before leaving the factory and have gone through layers of quality control, and the site only needs to connect the screws, which reduces the construction difficulty of the workers on site and can be easily completed without professionals.

Outdoor advertising is generally located on the side of the road, construction will bring traffic and environmental impact, product installation will try to reduce this time to a relatively small, early to achieve a smooth road.
We hope that outdoor advertising will become a part of the ecology of the earth and add a beauty to the earth.

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