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How much does a highway billboards cost

Highway billboards cost

Fees vary from country to country. Advertising on a billboard in the UK can cost as little as £20 per day + VAT. With that in mind, it’s important to work out the individual factors that actively influence the value of renting an ad , including the dimensions of the billboard, location, rental period, frequency of bookings, and the choice of supplier.

We have listed each factor below with more information on what to think about when renting your next billboard. And introduces the advantages of highway billboards.


Highway Billboard Size

Let’s start with the dimensions of your highway billboard, which features a direct impact on the worth that you simply will eventually pay. Of course, the larger the size of the cost is higher, the specific need to consult your choice of highway billboard suppliers. Highway billboard come in three standard sizes, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • 14 feet high and 48 feet wide
  • 10 feet high and 40 feet wide
  • 10½ feet high and 36 feet wide

highway billboards size

How much does a highway billboards cost
highway billboards cost – case


Location of your billboard

Another key factor is that the location of your billboard, as this features a direct impact on the extent of footfall it benefits from and therefore the number of impressions that it generates. Footfall refers to the quantity of pedestrian or vehicular traffic that passes a specific site, whereas impressions relate to the amount of times that potential customers are likely to see your advert.

Prime billboard location
To understand how these impact directly on cost, let’s take a glance at a examples. London’s Piccadilly Circus and its famous billboards are gone by an estimated two million people hebdomadally , which is why an outsized , 96-sheet billboard during this location can cost in excess of £727 per week (plus VAT).

How much does a highway billboards cost
highway billboards cost – case

Billboard Rental Period

As with most industries, billboard advertising is driven by demand and this suggests that the weekly cost of securing space are often reduced by increasing the rental period. And this will translate into weekly savings of £120 when customers rent space for the year (for a 96-sheet advert).

While variety of other suppliers follow an identical model, the typical cost difference between a two week booking and an annual agreement is around £58 exclusive of VAT. So although the weekly cost of securing billboards should go over longer booking periods, it’s important to buy around and secure the simplest possible deal.


The Frequency of Bookings

Of course, there’s some onus on customers to scale back costs by using the longevity of their deal to barter a far better price. The same principle applies to regular and returning customers, who tend to use an equivalent service provider to print and host their billboard adverts. Make no mistake; returning customers should leverage their loyalty to barter improved deals, particularly if they purchase space on a daily and predictable basis.

How much does a highway billboards cost
highway billboards cost – case

The Choice of Supplier

As we’ve already seen, your choice of supplier features a considerable impact on the value of billboard advertising. This is why it’s impossible to urge the simplest deal for your own unique circumstances without first obtaining quotes from rival companies, and determining precisely what value you are able to get for your money.


How Long Should You Rent a Billboard For?

As a general rule, you ought to align your campaign together with your marketing objectives, particularly in terms of your existing budget and therefore the reasons why you’re trying to interact customers (whether you’re looking to plug a replacement product, sell goods or just raise brand awareness). A two-week campaign are often effective when marketing limited time only promotions, whereas six-monthly or annual agreements are more suited to improving brand awareness levels.

How much does a highway billboards cost
highway billboards cost – case

Advantages of highway billboards

Common forms of advertising in our modern life, there are mainly two kinds of outdoor advertising and media advertising types, such as highway outdoor advertising brand is belong to the form of outdoor advertising, highway outdoor advertising has been a favourite of the capital market of big shop sign, mainly because of this a few years great changes have taken place in the Chinese market environment, At the same time, compared with other advertising media, highway outdoor advertising has incomparable advantages over other advertising media:

1. Expressway is a scenic line connecting the city and the city. Because of the advantages of fast and direct expressway and time saving, it has won the first choice for people to travel.

2. highway outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising is a kind of new information dissemination media, due to the scene along the drab, repetition, less peripheral visual obstructions, thus make the highway outdoor advertising has a strong visual impact, more simple, smart, strong memory and perhaps, spread effectiveness, advertising effectiveness than newspaper ads and other significant advantages, such as plane media, It is conducive to the comprehensive acceptance of the audience.

How much does a highway billboards cost
highway billboards cost – case

3. highway outdoor advertising can provide is uninterrupted “seven days a week, 24 hours a day” to the constantly changing consumer objects released information. In each year of all kinds of media value comparison, highway outdoor advertising has been rated as the best media choice.

How much does a highway billboards cost
highway billboards cost – case

4. highway outdoor advertising is to use high precision for the plastics, the height of the image effect is good, outdoor advertising just within the effective perspective of people, and to the people is boring, so advertising is more susceptible to note that after a long exposure, people will not pay attention to when the short-term memory to long-term memory, so as to achieve the advertisement effect of the strong.

5. update fast, not easy to damage, will not be affected by the weather or other factors of the advertising effect. Therefore, the choice of highway outdoor advertising, also choose the most cost-effective advertising media, but also more suitable to maintain the corporate image or seeking to enhance visibility, establish the corporate image of the advertising.

6. expanding urban population, population mobility, tourism is gradually increased, more and more citizens choose the best way to tourism, holiday leisure activities, along with the people in outdoor time, strong visual impact, the creative highway outdoor advertising began to affect people’s consumption, brand publicity effect more apparent, relative to other media, Expressway outdoor advertising creative space and leeway to be much larger. Therefore, the highway outdoor advertising, better to save the cost of sales products, improve the corporate image and visibility.

How much does a highway billboards cost
highway billboards cost – case

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