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How much is a Bulletin Billboard?

Billboards are the most well-known and widely used form of outdoor advertising. They account for roughly two-thirds of all out of home spending, or nearly $5 billion per year.
When you think of billboards, you’re probably envisioning bulletin billboards. Bulletin billboards are the biggest form of billboards. They generally measure 48 feet wide and 14 feet tall. You find them dotting major roadways, such as highways and expressways.
Bulletin Billboards advertisement is a kind of advertisement words, pictures, or videos made of the Bulletin billboard.

For example, we usually see electronic large-screen advertisements on the street or some highlighted advertisements and signs with colorful lights on the roadside.

People are more interested in the price of Bulletin billboards. So I did some research on the cost of Bulletin billboards.
According to my survey, I found that the cost of billboards is mainly reflected in the purchase of Bulletin billboard, transportation costs, installation costs, installation location costs, maintenance costs during use.
In turn, I will explain to you how these costs are generated and what their characteristics are.

Bulletin Billboard

5 chapters to know exactly led billboard price!

Chapter 1: Bulletin billboard price itself.

First of all, we need to find a trusted billboard supplier. Here, I recommend that the Chinese billboard suppliers because 90% of the billboard are producing in China. Chinese billboard suppliers will offer the original prices. As for suppliers in other countries, they will also buy billboard from China, but they will provide more local services and quality assurance. At present, we can search for Chinese suppliers of billboards through search engines such as Google and Bing, and so on.

Chapter 2: Transportation costs.

As for the cost of Bulletin billboards, transportation costs must take into account. At present, the mode of transportation of Bulletin billboards is the central divide into air and sea transportation. PS: The weight of Bulletin billboard is too heavy, so, few people will prefer door to door express delivery like DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. Air transportation is faster than sea transportation but more expensive. So when considering the transportation cost of billboards, It is generally recommended to arrange the order in advance by sea.

Finally, it would help if you considered the cost of transportation from the seaport to your warehouse or installation site. It usually uses land transportation by truck, so the cost of this project will not be very high compared with the sea shipping from China, but it is necessary. So we should know in advance.

Chapter 3: Installation costs.

As for the installation fee of Bulletin billboards, generally speaking, advertising companies will have professional installation technicians, the installation fee includ labor costs and equipment rental, billboard foundation part of the material costs

Chapter 4: Location costs.

Compare with the cost of Bulletin billboards and installation site, the most substantial proportion of the price is the cost of the installation site. However, this does not mean that the price of the Bulletin itself is costly. For example, in Hangzhou, the land price per square meter is about $750. If you rent towers on the top of the building, the annual cost will be between $298 and $450. If it is a real estate, then the price will be higher. In a word, for the busy blocks of big cities, the cost of the site will be a significant expense. We know that different installation location costs different, an excellent location will bring a better advertising effect!

Chapter 5: Maintenance costs.

In the use of Bulletin billboards, it is inevitable to meet the need to repair it, so we also need to consider the maintenance costs of Bulletin billboards. The maintenance cost of Bulletin billboards mainly includes three aspects: the cost of replacing or repairing modules, the cost of replacing power supply/receiving cards and cables, and the maintenance cost of various minor faults.
In summary, the above is a detailed description of the cost of an billboards, but different situations will lead to different costs.The specific price needs to estimate according to the real case of each person.You could contact with us if you need to know more about the Bulletin billboard price.www.bigtreebillboard.com