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How to classify the light box

How to classify the light box

How to classify the light box

While the light box method of selling is certainly one of the oldest and most popular, it is not the only way to sell. Other methods include “live demos” (also known as “walking through” or “WTH”), “video walkthroughs,” “video sales letters,” “videography,” and “screencast.”

Most lightboxes have one of two main purposes: to make a point about a particular product, or to provide a promotional message. This is often seen when trying to sell more products in a retail store. It’s important to note that the type of lightbox you choose will impact your design choices.

Light box actually has so many classifications
With the in-depth promotion of molding light box and market competition and the continuous emergence of new materials, the process of molding light box will continue to improve, and the expressive power will also continue to enrich. Here to see what classification of light boxes.

How to classify the light box

According to the shape can be divided into: square light box, round light box, 3D light box, double-sided light box, flip light box, column light box, three-sided light box, suction cup light box, picture changing light box, scrolling light box, color change light box, rotating light box, etc.

The shape of the light box also determines the size and shape of the advertising displays that you can use with it. There are many different shapes of light boxes, but they can be divided into two main categories which are square and non-square. A non-square light box has a rectangular or other shape instead of a square shape. When you are choosing a light box, you should pay attention to its shape. Make sure it is the right shape for your advertising campaign. If not, you may have to make some adjustments and make some changes to the size of your advertising display.

According to the use can be divided into: signage light box, bank light box, vision table light box, color light box, advertising light box, signage light box, etc.

If you have a sign that is stuck up on a pole and you want to change it, you can do that easily with a ladder. For a bank, a light box can be used. This is an excellent way to advertise your business. It is also an effective way to promote sales. You can make the display as attractive as possible with a picture of your business logo.

As for a vision table, it is like a billboard. You can put different images on a glass display and make it visible for people who are walking by. You can use this kind of advertising display in a retail store for promoting sales. In fact, you can use all kinds of light boxes for any kind of purpose.

How to classify the light boxNew light box classification: mirror light box, induction light box, magic change light box, change shadow light box, solar light box, magnetic levitation light box, etc.

Mirror Light Box: This is the most basic way to use a light box. It works best for simple promotions that feature a graphic design. The way it works is by reflecting the graphic design off of a white surface such as a piece of paper, cardboard or the wall behind the graphic design. As the light bounces off the graphic design, it travels down into the viewer’s eyes, where it is absorbed and causes an impact on the retina. This in turn affects the part of the brain that processes images. In other words, a mirror light box will work on the “eye level” of the viewer. This is the most basic tool in any marketer’s tool kit.

Induction Light Box: This is the second most basic way to use a light box. It is also the most versatile. An induction light box uses electromagnetic induction instead of reflection to project a graphic design. It can be used just like a mirror light box. However, it can also be used for more complex promotions that require a lot of image detail. An induction light box can project a much sharper image than a mirror light box.

Well, the classification of light boxes shared, did you remember it?

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