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How to design outdoor billboards better

How to design outdoor billboards better? In recent years, with the rapid growth of the domestic economy, in order to connect and integrate the lighting with the original outdoor billboardsurface, to achieve the unity of lighting and art, we will give you detailed plans for it.

How to design outdoor billboards better

1. Design outdoor billboards of Research stage. At this stage, the design scale is mainly met according to the requirements of the advertiser; the characteristics, functions, styles, social and historical background, billboard surface materials, etc. of the composition elements of the board are comprehensively understood, especially to understand the designer’s creativity and design. Intention, the lighting style determined by the design is unified with the environment; in addition, the designer should also consider the site conditions, such as the local people’s love of color, customs, power supply and so on.

2. Design outdoor billboards of Analysis stage. According to the design ideas obtained during the research phase to determine the key performance of the lighting project, highlight the personality in the lighting; determine the primary and secondary observation points; determine the overall guiding ideology, including the brightness distribution and tone of the entire board.

3. Design outdoor billboards of Design concept stage. After completing the research and analysis on the basis of understanding the situation, the design concept is entered. The engineers at this stage will consider: the brightness level, our designers according to the material of the surface being illuminated, the brightness of the background, the characteristics of the light source, etc.

4. The designer implements the research and analysis on the corresponding billboard surface, and draws the corresponding renderings and design schemes for the advertisers and relevant experts to review.

5, construction drawing. According to the design plan, the electrical design engineer carries out the next step in the design process and draws the construction drawing.

6, the stage of the work. After all the programs have been designed, the installer must strictly implement the relevant specifications, standards, and design documents to develop practical and feasible construction steps in a timely manner.