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The global LED billboard market is expected to reach USD 5,166 million by 2025.

Global LED Billboard Market Analysis

LED billboards are flat panel displays that use arrays of light-emitting diodes as video displays. LED panels are part of small displays, or large displays. They are commonly used in outdoor store signs and billboards.

The global LED billboard market size increased to USD 3,102 million in 2018 from USD 2,229 million in 2014 and will reach USD 5,166 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7.52% between 2019 and 2025.

Global LED Billboard Revenue (M USD) Status and Outlook, 2014-2025Global LED Billboard Market Analysis

Global LED Billboard Sales (K Sqm) Status and Outlook, 2014-2025Global LED Billboard Market Analysis

Today, there are three main types of LED billboards, including single-basic LED billboards, dual-basic LED billboards and full-color LED billboards. Full color LED billboards are the main type of LED billboards, and full color LED billboards accounted for approximately 2,291.84 thousand square meters of sales in 2018, accounting for 63.13% of global sales.

Asia Pacific is the largest export volume and manufacturer in the LED billboard market globally, while North America was the second-largest sales market for LED billboards in 2018.

In this industry, Daktronics has been the most profitable in 2018 and recent years, while Unilumin and Absen ranked second and third, respectively. Their market shares in 2018 were 9.11%, 8.15% and 5.23%, respectively. The gap in market share continues to widen. Due to different strategies.

LED billboard products also have a certain space in the market demand, but basically show the scarcity of high-end products, excess capacity of low-end products, high-end products have a greater market demand to seize the market share behavior of imported products, and local enterprises export more low-end products excess capacity or basic raw materials for molding process.

Due to the large demand for high-end products at home and abroad, many companies began to enter the high-end field. Currently, China’s LED billboard industry is not only starting to transition to high-end LED billboard products, but also extending in the resource-rich land and downstream industry chain.

With the increase in production capacity, LED billboard raw material prices are expected to remain stable in the short term. However, improvements in energy, transportation costs and labor costs will play an important role in raising the cost of LED billboards.

There are some companies aiming to improve cost and quality to increase profitability. At the same time, companies are working on technological innovation, equipment upgrades and process improvements to reduce costs and improve quality.

The average price of LED billboards is set to fall further. Average product prices have fallen over the past few years due to technological developments, and average prices will maintain this trend in the coming years due to mature manufacturing technologies, raw material costs, and the threat of substitutes.

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