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LED Gas Price Signs Are Great For Gas Stations

LED Gas Price Signs Are Great For Gas Stations

Are you uninterested in your antique plastic letter gas price sign? does one want to eliminate the necessity for manual price changing? If so, LED gas price signs are going to be your right choice.

LED gas price sign is a reasonable electronic digit-based design with petroleum pricing applications, adopts the led with super brightness because the display components which have the advantage of super brightness, power saved, different colors, very safety, less difficult installation and convenient to work . Therefore, it’s been applicable during a numbers of gas stations which along side the highway and a few key-roads for displaying the costs . Your gasoline station are going to be modern look and attractive.

led gas price sign

Here are several features of LED gas price signs:

1) Display Capabilities
It uses ultra bright LED that the brightness is up to 4000NITS making it visible day and night.

2) Auto Brightness:
16 levels of auto brightness helps to read easily in the dark without being too bright.

3) Size Options
It is available in multiple digits height (from 8” to 48”) guarantee to suit into your existing sign or back to back between existing poles.

4) Color Options
It is available in red, green, yellow, or white super bright LED.

5) Format Options
It is available in 8.888, 88.88, 8.889, 8.88 9/10, etc.

6) Wireless control
The wireless control is meant for very simple operation of your LED gas sign. Just push the up or down button for the corresponding display with a communication range of 150ft (It is about 46m).

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