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4 basic aspects of installing led outdoor billboard

Four basic aspects of installing led outdoor billboards

LED Outdoor billboard has the advantages of good stability, low consumption, wide range of radiation, etc., used in outdoor information dissemination, is a more suitable product too. Basically, the common LED display screen has advertising screen, article screen, graphic screen and so on, also constitute the city life, brightness luminous.

So when building this quality LED advertising in the outdoors, should pay attention to what detail factors, I believe these contents are the most concerned about the topic, especially for some technical construction personnel, know how to build outdoor, maintenance advertising screen will strongly promote the business advertising, information dissemination. Specifically, the outdoor billboard LED electronic display installation has a field survey, equipment construction, installation, commissioning the use of four links.

Outdoor-SMD-LED-Screen-Display-Advertising-Billboard-Structure-led outdoor billboardOutdoor-SMD-LED-Screen-Display-Advertising-Billboard-Structure-led outdoor billboard

First, field survey

Here refers to some outdoor LED display installation before, should be for the specific environment, topography, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptability and other parameters of the new unified test, in order to ensure the smooth installation of billboards, requires lifting installation before, must be for the command staff for the implementation of a unified lifting program to ensure that the normal, stable use of the equipment.

Second, the LED equipment to build

For some outdoor LED billboard erection, we should distinguish between wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof type advertising screen. The actual installation, should be based on the height of the distance, with a crane and winch for segmentation lifting, while ensuring that the personnel above cooperate with each other, for high-altitude operation of the LED advertising screen, there is a better installation and use process.

Third, the luminous radiation range debugging

Next, it will be specific radiation range detection, due to different radiation range, LED display build perspective is different, to be based on the field acceptability and everyone’s usual perspective range for outdoor LED display fixed installation work, to ensure that every angle far look, can see normal, brightness balanced image, subtitle information.

Fourth, follow-up testing and maintenance

Follow-up testing, including numerous ranges, such as LED display waterproof, heat dissipation layer, LED shows waterproof coating, display above the rain range, both sides of the cooling air, power supply line, etc., these basic parts of the product constitutes the entire stability of good graphics LED display, the later technical maintenance, it will be for these parts of the unified management maintenance, encounter product rust, instability, damage The need for timely replacement to ensure the safe use of the entire display.

Outdoor SMD LED Screen Display Advertising Billboard Structure-led outdoor billboard

Overall, outdoor LED billboard, using high-tech backplane heat dissipation, dot matrix light source for unified management, more conducive to the use of the display, these basic outdoor advertising screen installation steps are also once again illustrated the important links in the installation of LED display, master these, it will allow us to more smoothly and quickly use the advertising display, play its excellent characteristics of information dissemination.

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