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Hundreds of millions of followers! This kind of outdoor advertising can maximize the social media communication potential

Hundreds of millions of followers! This kind of outdoor advertising can maximize the social media communication potential

Introduction: In recent years, online and offline marketing has become a part of the brand marketing strategy in China, and outdoor advertising has become the current development trend through online social media for secondary communication.
In the mobile Internet era, social media has long penetrated into every aspect of people’s lives. When a good outdoor advertisement appears in front of the public, it may provoke them to actively share and forward the content to online media platforms, and spread out through continuous forwarding and discussion, expanding the communication effect of outdoor advertisements on social platforms.


According to a Nielsen study, one in four people surveyed said they would take a picture of a billboard after seeing a good OOH ad and upload it to Instagram, and that the combination of offline and digital ads can increase search traffic fourfold. Kym Frank, president of data analytics agency Geopath, said social networks and OOH are two platforms with natural synergies: technology is changing OOH, and everything that looks good visually is making waves on Instagram, the top advertising platform driving all offline ads on Instagram.

Consumer-initiated communication

Out-of-home advertising explodes social media
Recently, an outdoor advertisement of a Chinese liquor brand has attracted attention in the industry, while gaining nearly 30 million buzz online.


Unlike traditional TVCs in the past, the liquor brand worked with marketer Zhen Miao to create a topic marketing campaign with simple and “self-hacking” creative copy and a solid red eye-catching background, creating a powerful attraction and impact. The brand advertising is burned from offline to online, and the brand proposition of “6:9 pm, “100 years of muddle” wine” is conveyed at the same time, preempting the “Chinese New Year marketing” to lay the groundwork.


In the era of endless new media types, and everyone is a self-media, advertising is very easy to be actively spread, and this creative event of “Hundred Years of Paste” is to use good content and creativity to create topics for users to actively spread. The exposure brought by offline small-scale advertising is limited, but the event and topic are formed offline first, creating surprise and curiosity, inspiring users to search from curiosity to active sharing and spreading, allowing the topic to ferment from the B-side to the C-side, so that the brand can be exposed and spread on a large scale and enter the hearts of more users.


Because of the large screen, high-definition screen, visual impact and eye-catching ability, and the birth of many novel ways to play, easy to form a photo of the card, attracting many people and tourists stop. At the same time, outdoor screens are mostly located in busy business districts, occupying an excellent geographical location and having a steady flow of people. When brands put content and videos on large screens, they can make use of users’ willingness to share the psychology of new things, which can inspire the public to upload outdoor screen content to social networks and help brands achieve secondary communication.


For example, on the Chrysanthemum Day in 2021, two “chatting screens” appeared on Wuyi Road in Changsha, China, which resonated with a large number of netizens, and the related topic topped the ShakeYin Hot List on October 12, “Changsha has two chatting screens”. The related video won 878.7w of search heat; and 3788 Asian Light Giant Screen launched the first naked eye 3D “crane machine” in December, with the innovative form of 3D + interactive and immersive experience, attracting the active participation of the public, and at the same time in the microblogging platform to get a lot of V and netizens to share, the related topic heat The related topic heat was also over 5000w.


In addition to outdoor screens, elevator advertisements have also been gaining attention in recent years in terms of creativity and copywriting, while gaining a lot of attention online. For example, in December, Mecoxel’s brand with the phrase “Bao ~ no small barbarian waist, don’t call me fat, call me Mecoxel” not only screened the elevator rooms in major cities, but also attracted a high-profile response from Guangzhou’s landmark “small barbarian waist”, with the tower body printed with the words “This shouting across the air made a huge splash on the Internet, and by the time the article was posted, the microblogging topic #callmemiketro had accumulated 450 million reads and 135,000 discussions.


At the same time, the brand also linked up with @dead fatty Wang Jianguo @chasing the wind boy Liu Quangyou and other celebrity V to create momentum for its topic, causing more and more netizens to play the “Mecoxel sentence”: “Bao ~ no object, don’t call me lonely, call me invincible is how lonely “”Bao ~ not thin into paper, but also do not call me fat round, call me no one dare to look flat” …. These highly personalized and interesting UGC contents pushed the secondary fission, making the phrase “Call me Mecoxel” penetrate into the public’s mind in this mass carnival, and finally realized the strong emergence of the “Mecoxel” brand.

After sharing the case of outdoor advertising on social media platforms, let’s sort out how brands can use outdoor advertising and what kind of content can be created to inspire users to share and further explode the social circle?


First, take advantage of holiday marketing to achieve brand attention. Every festival is a “must-have” for brand marketing. The festival itself carries great traffic and can become a super symbol for the brand and deepen consumers’ memories. In the festival culture led to stimulate the participation of all people, this spontaneous marketing atmosphere can bring twice the effect with half the effort to the brand marketing activities, and can well help the brand in the hearts of consumers to leave a deep memory.


Brands need to find a carrier that fits the festival, stand in the user’s perspective, and establish an emotional bond between the brand and the festival. Outdoor advertising can be used to create a sense of ritual and atmosphere for users. By linking brand attributes and festival connotations, target users can enhance their sense of participation in the festival, so that the brand can gain users’ heartfelt recognition and positive communication power. At the same time, the brand can also create its own exclusive IP, build scenario-based marketing, so that consumers can feel the unique cultural attributes about the festival, but also participate in it, brought into the life and social scene, forming a wide range of communication.


Secondly, the use of fan economy, good rice circle marketing. Today’s social network is developed, the energy of the fan group is unimaginable, and the advantages of high viscosity and organizational power behind the rice circle culture formed by fans spontaneously cannot be ignored by any form of marketing. According to Questmobile’s report, Generation Z, represented by the post-00s, is changing from product consumption to emotional consumption, and Generation Z fans are willing to pay for their idols and their endorsement products.


We find that more and more traffic stars are appearing in outdoor advertising, and brands are happy to join hands with their spokespersons to appear on outdoor LED screens and customize corresponding creative interactive activities (such as participating in punch card draws, helping to unlock the top of the magazine on the screen, etc.), which can maximize the aggregation of fan groups, bring them closer to consumers faster, increase consumer goodwill and promote purchase behavior; at the same time, it can also maximize the stimulation of .

At the same time, it can also stimulate fan groups to share and forward or create second time, which can help to bring secondary traffic to the brand by binding the brand with the idol.


On July 5 last year, Bacitracin launched a collection with the topic of #Love with abandon and smile, inviting fans to actively participate in the online discussion, and after fans completed 5W+ declarations of love, the brand would light up Wang Yibo’s new naked 3D giant screen and interact with fans to break the dimension. “On July 22, the brand spokesman Wang Yibo and the brand spokesman Wang Yibo made a surprise appearance on the Wuhan naked 3D screen, which set off a new craze of “Wuhan net red landmarks” and completed the occupation of users’ minds.

Finally, to enhance the interactive experience, close the distance between the brand and the user. Interactive marketing is the fastest way to build a bridge between brands and users. Outdoor advertising that incorporates interactive links is more attractive than traditional screen advertising, and users’ participation is higher. During the whole interactive process, it is also very easy to cause users to evaluate and discuss the experience process and create a lot of UGC content in social platforms. Through users’ spontaneous behavior and traffic call effect, the brand’s attention and the possibility of getting out of the circle in the whole network are enhanced.


In September this year, Changan Ford created an outdoor marketing campaign in Chongqing with the “blind box” as the anchor point, creating a large blind box equivalent to 570,000 small blind boxes and applying new technology to build a “meta-universe” space. It also set up an AR game interactive link, which greatly enhanced the interactive experience of users and attracted many net celebrities, successfully building up the momentum for the double topics of #Giant Blind Box Surprise 8D Magic City# and #New Explosive Model for Young People#, with a total of 420 million readers and 40,000+ discussions, further expanding its publicity potential and completing the occupation of young consumers’ minds.


Meanwhile, with the continuous development of technology, outdoor advertising has been given more diversified ways to play. The terminal equipment of outdoor advertising can become a carrier of interaction and more effectively form the secondary communication of the mobile end, such as sweeping the code or directly leading to the social media page, thus fully activating the activity of the social terminal, boosting the brand to establish its image and bringing actual sales conversion.

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