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How to construct the foundation for billboards | Design for 2022

How to construct the foundation for billboards Foundations provide the billboard‘s stability from the ground: ◉To distribute the weight of the billboard over a large area in order to avoid overloading the underlying soil (possibly causing unequal settlement). ◉To anchor billboard against natural forces including earthquakes, floods, frost heaves, tornadoes and wind. ◉To provide a […]

Hot dip galvanized unipole billboard in Mauritius.

Hot dip galvanized unipole billboard in Mauritius. with board size 10.5*7m. Designed wind https://www.bigtreebillboard.com/product-page/vertical-advertising-unipole-billboardresistance 120km/h. Warranty: 20 years     Many outdoor media outlets are consistent, 24/7 releases. It shows its effectiveness in transmitting information and expanding influence. Through strategic media arrangement and distribution, unipole billboards can create ideal arrival rates and frequencies.   “Outdoor […]

Requirements for the production of BigTree outdoor billboards

BIGTREE is a leading manufacturer of outdoor Billboard Structure with over 10 years of experience in the industry from China supplier. We have very high requirements for the production of outdoor billboards, the following is our production requirements for billboards.   1. Foundation, steel structure. When the embedded parts should be used between the outdoor […]

Bigtree Gantry billboard

Bigtree Gantry billboard

Gantry billboard with truss structure.    A gantry (also known as a sign holder, road sign holder, sign structure or road sign structure) is a traffic sign assembly in which signs are mounted or railway signals are supported on an overhead support. They also often contain the apparatus for traffic monitoring systems and cameras, or […]