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Outdoor billboard production is common there is a large outdoor spray-painted advertising signs

Outdoor billboard production is common there is a large outdoor spray-painted advertising signs, divided into: external lighted billboards and internal lighted billboards. Because of the heat dissipation problem of the internal light, so the amount of external light is the most, and can do large outdoor billboards. Outdoor advertising billboard production screen is usually used to spray painting cloth, spray painting cloth also has external playing light and internal playing light, usually, external playing light cloth than internal playing light cloth to dense, the main external playing light concentrated light, on the contrary, internal playing light requirements for light transmission.

Outdoor billboard production

As shown above, is a large outdoor billboard. Large sign advertising sign area of more than 260 square meters, such as distribution in large building roof, roadside super-large advertising signs; large sign area is huge, often distributed in the roof of various buildings, the side of the building and other locations.Outdoor billboard production-1

This is within the production of playing light outdoor advertising signs, belonging to medium-sized billboards. Medium-sized signs billboard area between 20 square meters to 250 square meters, such as roof, building side, column type and other medium-sized billboards; medium-sized signs are mainly distributed in various buildings, bridges and other locations, large area, good location.

Outdoor billboard production

Small sign advertising board area between 2 square meters to 30 square meters, such as sidewalk light box, lamp post light box, telephone booths, car booths and other small billboards. Small signs are everywhere, according to statistics, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are widely penetrated in urban areas, and the billboards are mainly light boxes, telephone booths and car booths.

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