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Why outdoor billboards need maintenance

Why outdoor billboards need maintenance

Why outdoor billboards need maintenance
Why outdoor billboards need maintenance

Outdoor billboard repair content: steel structure on the rust broken, luminous word damage, advertising screen damage.

The main reason:Subject to natural weather, the number of years is longer.
Outdoor advertising facilities must be regularly tested for safety technology to ensure safety during the use period. Safety inspection and testing must include structural site testing, structural corrosion testing, foundation site testing, etc. The outdoor advertising facility safety inspection report must evaluate the welding, corrosion, electrical and lightning protection of the outdoor advertising facility and make a comprehensive assessment of the overall reliability of the outdoor advertising facility.

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Why outdoor billboards need maintenance

Maintenance, steel structure corrosion maintenance must be carried out once a year, when the steel structure coating surface gloss loss of up to 80%, surface roughness, weathering cracking up to 25% and paint shelling, should be promptly repaired. Power supply, electrical control equipment should be maintained at least once a month; on the light display is incomplete, the pattern text off, there is obvious rust, outdoor advertising setters should do that bad that repair, damage should be repaired within 48 hours to ensure that the cityscape intact; set in bus shelters and other facilities on the light box advertising, outdoor advertising setters should be maintained once a week to ensure that the light box advertising surface intact neat and tidy.

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