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Outdoor Billboards

Outdoor billboard (also called a hoarding in the UK and many other parts of the world) is a large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing witty slogans and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas.


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    Outdoor advertising and Outdoor Billboards

    Why Outdoor Advertising is Effective. With the vast array of advertising channels available, it’s important understand the effectiveness of those you choose to work with BIGTREE. Thankfully, outdoor billboard advertising is very effective because it offers unique advantages both to the advertiser and their target audience.

    To create a successful outdoor plan to assure that your message reaches its intended audience so you can bring in more customers. Whether you call it an artery, avenue, boulevard, roadside, street or highway a billboard is connected to the very heartbeat of everywhere.

    BIGTREE is a Chinese trusted outdoor billboards suppliers, offers a quality, affordable Solution for different type of outdoor advertising display (out-of-home advertising) including Double-sided Outdoor billboard, Three-sided Outdoor Billboards, Four-sided Outdoor billboard, V-shaped Outdoor Billboards, Off-center Outdoor billboard, Gantry Outdoor Billboards or LED screen or digital signage or tri-vision display. Our billboards structure frame is engineered and built above industry standards, so you get a product that looks great and lasts longer, with less maintenance.

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    BIGTREE Outdoor Billboards Advantages

    1. BIGTREE is a Chinese trusted outdoor billboard manufacturers, provides you with billboards that can resist wind up to 130mph, can prevent wind erosion and can withstand high temperatures.

    2. BIGTREE is a Chinese trusted outdoor billboard manufacturers, provides you More than 20 years of quality assurance. All drawings are carefully designed and approved by senior engineers.

    3. BIGTREE billboard is designed based on the principles of mechanics and aesthetics. High strength, sturdy and durable, high earthquake resistance. Its safe, accurate and attractive features can meet different needs.

    4. BIGTREE billboards are 100% bolted together. This decreases the turnaround time on installing. It also reduces the sea freight cost and cost of additional manpower and machinery that onsite welding demands.

    5. BIGTREE is a Chinese trusted outdoor billboards suppliers, provide really competitive factory prices that make customers with more profits.

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    Double sided Outdoor billboard

    As the name implies, a double-sided billboard is an outdoor billboard that displays advertisements on both sides. Double-sided billboards are usually built next to heavily trafficked highways. Allow your company’s outdoor advertising to build brand influence among the potential customers they communicate with.

    The Double sided Outdoor billboard saves time and money with easy and fast vinyl sign installation.This is a stylish and classic outdoor billboard style that will help your business stand out!

    Three sided Outdoor Billboards

    Three sided outdoor billboard is an billboard that shows ads on three sides. The biggest advantage of having three billboards at a transport hub is that potential customers can see either side of them no matter which way they are driving.

    A three-sided outdoor billboard gives you the maximum advertising space available. This outdoor billboard allows for you to advertise your business or product from all sides, making it even more effective!

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    Four sided Outdoor billboard

    Four sided Outdoor billboard is a billboard that shows advertisements on all four sides. Generally built at highway intersections and roundabouts, the biggest advantage is that potential customers can see any side of the billboard no matter which way they drive. Allow your company’s outdoor ads to build brand influence among the potential customers they communicate with.

    Four outdoor billboards can be landmarks in the city. This outdoor billboard allows you to promote your business or product from all aspects, making it more effective!

    V-shaped Outdoor Billboards

    The two sides of the V-shaped outdoor billboard form a certain angle, which is stable and durable. It is generally built at the Y-shaped junction of the highway, and makes the most of the advantages of the Y-shaped intersection. Potential customers can see any side of the billboard no matter which direction they go. V-shaped outdoor billboards are simple and affordable, and most advertising companies regard them as essential assets

    V-shaped outdoor billboards are not only sturdy and practical, with good wind resistance, but also V-shaped outdoor billboards are very suitable for customizing various sizes to meet the needs of advertising companies.

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    Off-center Outdoor billboard

    Off-center Outdoor billboard unipole deviates from the center of the billboard. In order to adapt to the building environment around the billboard, the principle of mechanical structure is adopted to make the structure still stable and reliable.

    It is generally built on the side of the highway, and the eccentric structure design is adopted to allow the billboard to hang above the highway to the greatest extent, so that it can be displayed in front of potential customers.

    Gantry Outdoor Billboards

    Gantry Outdoor Billboards are generally built above the highway. This highly intrusive and dominant medium of advertisement position brands right infront of approaching motorists and commuters every day, thereby making it a veritable and penetrative outdoor hoarding to reach target audience.

    Gantry Outdoor Billboards as a medium of advertising is highly advantageous because it attracts the attention of your potential buyer that too within a span of few seconds. Gantries may also display useful directional information and hence they are difficult to miss!

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    Outdoor Billboards

    To adapt to different environment and customer demand, BIGTREE Provides Various Type of Outdoor Billboards & Hoardings Signs for Your Choices.