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5 trends for outdoor digital Advertising in 2021

5 trends for outdoor digital Advertising in 2021

While the age of taglines is still the norm, the age of mobile advertising is allowing advertisers to reach consumers more creatively, in real time and with precision. As placards have been replaced by real-time updates of dynamic electronic screens, mobile and vehicle-mounted devices, how to combine digital technology to reach audiences outdoors and unlock more sales opportunities has become a new trend of concern for marketers.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, dynamic reach contributed to 1.2 percent channel growth, reaching $7.7 million. According to MAGNA Intelligence research, outdoor digital advertising spending will reach $33 million by 2021.

The evolution of outdoor electronic advertising has brought other changes as well. Since 1993, the Traffic Monitoring Bureau has been monitoring outdoor digital advertising campaigns across the United States. Renamed Geopath in 2016, it uses massive data, technology, and media surveys to analyze how consumers interact with outdoor advertising. In an interview with Geopath, Kym Frank, CEO of Geopath, discusses the evolution of outdoor advertising in recent years and the factors that influence marketers’ marketing strategies.

outdoor digital Advertising

1 Dynamics, innovation and customization are the drivers

While printed billboards still dominate, outdoor screens are serving advertisers in new forms: dynamic, real-time, accurate and customized are the buzzwords of digital technology. Smart music players in bars, large electronic screens along highways, electronic bus stops and instant payments in malls and restaurants are all encouraging marketers to experiment with different channels. The digital AD layout used to be a test of the waters in a marketing strategy, but now it’s being used more and more frequently.

Advertisers, for example, can now target ads efficiently and precisely based on the volume and speed of traffic passing through electronic screens. At 60 kilometers per hour, the driver can only read about 10 words from the screen. But in traffic jams, drivers can read more than 150 words. With data available for different situations, timing and creative solutions can be tailored to maximize consumer attention at the right time.

“Digital technology allows advertisers to be more flexible and less worried about layout – responding to accurate data is always more effective.”

2 The combination of mobile and outdoor electronic advertising

Advertisers can now target ads based on the type of device a consumer is on — apple users and A

ndroid users will see different ads. Advertisers will also have geo-marketing methods to retarget users who see an outdoor screen AD, meaning you might see the same AD on your mobile shortly after you saw an AD for KFC’s Bucket Wednesday sale outside, but with more personalized and targeted content. For example, if there is a spike in searches for cold medicine in an area of the Web, billboards in pharmacies will display the cold medicine, and retailers will offer it to passers-by.

outdoor digital Advertising

3 Data improve measurement reliability and accuracy

The outdoor digital advertising industry has long invested heavily in measuring marketing effectiveness in order to make metrics clear and accurate across digital channels. With relentless efforts, brands can now capture the specific behavior of every consumer that electronic advertising reaches. Whereas in the past marketers had to go in and take surveys one by one, asking if they had seen a digital screen, now marketers can instantly see who passed by the digital screen and whether their purchases were related to the digital AD. Such a large data ecosystem would have been unthinkable ten years ago, but there are so many new ways to approach us.

Advertisers have data and technology support, in the reach of the channel on the play more and more diverse. Weather, search engines, and data and content just passed through digital screens can all be used to connect consumers.

There’s also the power of in-car data — with many people spending more and more time in their cars these days, in-car data can help marketers segment their markets to more accurately reach their audiences. “Now it makes more market sense to target” people who are going to college next year “rather than rigid geographic data like place of birth.”

outdoor digital Advertising

4 Automation on the rise

Automated and programmed transactions are revolutionizing the outdoor digital advertising industry. The transaction process in the outdoor digital advertising industry has always been complicated, because it involves a price tug of war between advertisers, media sellers and printers. Today, the process is becoming automated and streamlined.

Some programmatic platforms allow advertisers to buy both mobile and outdoor digital ads on the same interface, thereby improving location-based reach accuracy. At the same time, on the fully automated platform, advertisers and AD installers can upload files and installation photos in real time to ensure efficient communication and transparent information. Compared with traditional digital advertising, real-time information delivery on outdoor digital electronic advertising platform can deliver data analysis results more quickly.

5 Smart cities promote industrial growth

The distance between cities is shrinking in the digital age: intercity services offer advertisers more opportunities to connect with their audiences. The rollout of LinkNYC, a free wireless service based in New York, to several major American cities is just another technology to connect consumers with outdoor digital advertising.

“Eventually the data captured from these cross-city services will be aggregated and become part of an outdoor data ecosystem — a trend that will become more common. It will be interesting to see who will be behind the data expression system. It could be an outdoor data company, a digital marketing company or a department affiliated with the city government… We’ll see.”

outdoor digital Advertising

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