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Professional Outdoor LED billboard Manufacturers | Updated for 2021

Professional Outdoor LED billboard Manufacturers | Updated for 2021

Outdoor LED billboard Manufacturers

BIGTREE is one of the top outdoor LED billboard manufacturers within the China , helping businesses use one among the foremost effective means of advertising to succeed in their company’s sales goals and build the company’s brand.

One of the best ways to get your message out to all who pass

In today’s competitive world, advertising is important if you’re getting to increase exposure for your business or company. Many companies are turning to LED billboard to market the services of their business, as they’re a cheap , easy, and effective. Creating buzz around your product is straightforward once you are employing a proven method to advertise.

When it involves outdoor LED billboard advertising, BIGTREE may be a leader within the industry. With over 10 years as an industry leader, providing effective displays for potential customers, we will use our expertise to assist you increase exposure and attract new customers. we provide everything from small-scale window display signs to programmable large-scale billboards.

Finding an honest LED Billboard Manufacturer – Get Your Message Out

Knowing the way to effectively market to your audience are often challenging for any company, no matter size or years in business. Despite the recent shift to social media marketing and web advertising, the classic billboard will never leave of favor . BIGTREE LED Billboard manufactures and distributes high quality indoor and outdoor LED billboard signs, including LED billboards that are used for quite just advertising.

Our community of loyal customers includes churches, schools, and recreation and community centers. LED billboards are an efficient and price effective thanks to get your message out with little effort. Because we provide high quality at manufacture direct prices, our customers still use us year after year in rolling out their marketing and communication plans. BIGTREE has proven to be a top electronic billboard manufacturer for the last 10 years, providing premium service and a high quality product to our customers.

LED Billboard Manufacturer

The key to increasing sales and building your brand is creating a message that your audience can connect with, one that’s accessible and visual . What better thanks to create buzz than with an LED billboard? Some companies, especially those with limited advertising funds, worry about the longevity of electronic billboards, fearing that they’re going to invest many dollars during a billboard which will fail to form good on the investment. we will assure you this is often not the case. In fact, BIGTREE uses integrated technologies to make sure that your bulbs remain bright and crowd pleasing .

For instance , each board is is protected with a grill face that protects against vandalism and damage. We create each billboard with technology which will protect against harsh weather also as technology which will eliminate internal dust and debris. What about the tough summer sun? We are one step before you! Each billboard is formed with state of the art daylight senor technology which will automatically dim to ambient light levels to decrease pollution and improve the lifespan of your billboard.

Billboard Company the Delivers the simplest Billboards!

Billboards are an excellent way for local businesses to advertise, but you’ll get the simplest return on your investment if you accompany an ad company which will provide you with the newest technology. LED billboards that have full-color and animation capabilities are the perfect thanks to get people’s attention and make a visible impression. an ad company like BIGTREE can get your message onto a digital billboard and demonstrate your message in an impactful way. We are one among China leading digital billboard manufacturing companies.

Outdoor Billboard – Beautiful LED Billboard Advertising

While billboard advertising are often great for business, it’s not as simple as putting your company info abreast of a symbol and expecting the new customers and revenue to appear . Dull, uninteresting billboards get ignored. albeit they’re animated with fireworks going off within the background and in dazzling four-color, if your ad doesn’t have something to mention , it’s unlikely to form an impact . Digital billboards enhance the message you would like to urge across to urge consumers’ attention, but the ad has got to do its part to mention something meaningful to the masses.

Billboard Company – BIGTREE – Digital Signage

When you are able to get the word out about your business, BIGTREE can help with an ad or any size of digital signage you’ve got in mind. As an ad company that manufactures its own line of LED signs, they need developed a line of products using cutting-edge technology to form digital advertising a reality for all types of businesses. BIGTREE signs are superior quality, and you’ll calculate them to stay brilliant and vivid for years through the foremost severe weather including intense heat and sunlight as well as rain, snow and hail. Get your business noticed with an ad from BIGTREE, specializing in LED and billboard electronic advertising units.

Why select BIGTREE among the opposite outdoor led billboard company?

We hold an A+ rating form the Better Business Bureau and offer a quick and painless installation procedure. Our customer service is an area of strength as we provide customers with a number of different choices in their sign’s animations and graphics. Our signage provides you because the business owner with the liberty to new advertisements, swapping out old for brand spanking new . Our signage is made with the newest technology which will withstand all seasons of weather.

Wide selection of mobile signs and window displays and full-scale billboards

If you are looking for a new way to expand your customer-base, revitalize loyalty among current customers, and build your brand, let BIGTREE take care of your outdoor billboard. We have a whole selection of mobile signs and window displays and full-scale billboards. Using cutting-edge software technology, we’ve helped companies of all sizes use LED signage to form their company stand out among the competition. With over 10 years within the business, we’ve the expertise to assist you maximize outdoor billboards to grow your business and reach sales goals.

Outdoor LED Billboard: The Ultimate Guide

An outdoor LED billboard, in technical terms, may be a device that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels to display videos or images.

The technology has improved significantly over the past several years, that it’s greatly impacted the performance of LED screens.

You can mainly see outdoor LED displays getting used as billboard signs. it’s also getting used as store signs, commercial LED displays.

They are more preferred because the advertisement display medium due to the crisp and vivid images.

There also are other benefits to using outdoor LED billboard, which we’ll discuss during this article.

Chapter 1 Benefits of outside LED billboard

For marketing purposes, fixed billboards will actually serve you well if you would like to urge your product across to several potential customers.

But ordinary fixed billboards can only do such a lot .

Whereas an outside LED billboards has the subsequent advantages:

1.The videos or images are often updated quickly.
Compared to a hard and fast billboard with an LED display, the administrator can change the outdoor display’s advertising content at any time.

It is also very easy to vary the content.

Always advertising is that the theme of LED displays.

2.More creative options for advertising.

Since the advertising format is videos, naturally, you don’t need to believe one stagnant content.

Thus, your advertising material becomes more enjoyable than traditional advertising.

There will be a consequence because your ad will become wider and more attractive.

Then hopefully, a more attractive ad will translate into more potential customers.

After all, that’s what your goal is, right?

3.Energy-saving and environmental protection.

The technology utilized in outdoor led billboards isn’t only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but it also allows for all-day use.

It is designed to adapt to varied harsh outdoor environments fully.

Naturally, its components are made from anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning-proof, and shockproof materials.

Overall, though, it becomes an economical display device because it doesn’t spend tons of energy to function.

4.Custom size.

The great thing about outdoor LED billboard screens is that they will be made to be any size consistent with the installation site’s needs.

What happens is, they’re going to combine a selected number of LED panels consistent with what percentage will fit the installation site.

This way, you won’t be cursed with an LED display which will either be too big or too small.

5.Allows you to play different advertisements.

Another great advantage of using an LED billboard as an ad is playing videos, pictures, text, and sounds (if needed).

So, even one LED billboard will allow you to advertise several different products.

In effect, you’ll make money out of it by offering to play different ads from different renters on only one LED monitor .

6.More profitable than a standard billboard.

Speaking of creating business about it, the revenue of the outdoor LED billboard is charged in seconds.

Therefore, the foremost practical thing to try to to is to rotate the advertisements of various businesses (unless they request that their ad are going to be the sole one displayed).

Usually, the regular display are going to be charged on a quarterly or yearly basis. Of course, you’ll arrange it where you’ll only show ads for one or a couple of businesses simultaneously, and no competing are going to be within the same slot.

7.It are often used for various purposes.

Outdoor LED displays are often wont to play advertisements and be wont to place movies on advertisements.

It can even be wont to insert advertisements when playing movies. It’s a well-liked thanks to attract more traffic.

There are, of course, non-commercial applications for LED displays, like using them as an LED wall for bandstand events.

Chapter 2 What are the appliance of outside LED billboard?

There are two main applications of outside LED billboard.

Here they are:

1.Of course, the most purpose of this device is to form money.

A lot of individuals use it for advertising purposes.

Instead of employing a normal billboard, the utilization of the outdoor LED billboard to display the ads of various businesses.

As stated above, a business can “rent” out a slot and have their ad played.

The logic is just about an equivalent as a daily billboard.

The only difference is, you’ll display different advertisements with only one LED billboard.

In effect, you earn more compared to if you rented out a daily billboard.

2.Can be used to promote public service advertisements and political propaganda.

This is usually self-explanatory. Outdoor LED billboards are often used to place

campaign information and public service advertisements outdoors.

This can increase your company’s influence in the advertising industry.

So this is a win-win situation.

This is why it is a viable option.

Chapter 3 How many control ways for outdoor LED billboard?

If you’re wondering how many ways you can control LED billboard, the answer is 2 . there’s synchronous control and asynchronous control.

Here’s the difference between the two .

Synchronous Control

In layman’s terms, once we say synchronous control, it’s how to display images or videos on an LED screen using an outdoor input source.

Outside sources include computers, DVD or Blu-Ray players, cameras, VCRs, etc.

This can be done by using an synchronous control card.

This control card will always got to be connected to the LED screen for the screen to display videos and pictures .

This system is especially utilized in outdoor and indoor advertising displays, stage LED displays, sports LED displays, and studio LED displays.

Asynchronous Control

An asynchronous system , on the opposite hand, won’t require an outdside source to display the video.

The key here is that the LED screen will always be ready to work separately.

What happens is that the videos or images are going to be edited on a computer.

It will then be sent to the control card via a UTP cat5 cable, a USB disk, a WiFi connection, 3G wireless, or other data transmission forms.

Once the control card receives the info successfully, it’ll reserve it on its memory, and you’ll now stop the connection.

It will then just keep playing the videos or images until you switch it off.

This is a perfect setup If the control computer is extremely faraway from the LED display or if the installation position isn’t convenient for wiring.

It is usually getting used for shop entrance LED displays, small size LED signs, roadside LED billboard or outdoor advertising.

Chapter 4 the way to choose the proper outdoor LED billboard screens?

Now, this is often a more important question because it involves choosing the proper outdoor billbaords LED screen.

This is very crucial because you’ll want to make sure you get the proper one for your needs.

Here are six factors which will matter the billboard LED screen price when choosing the outdoor billboard LED screen to use.

Billboard LED Cabinet

When choosing an outdoor billboard LED screen, the outdoor billboard LED screen cabinet is important , mainly for outdoor installation environments.

When you have a look for an outdoor billboard LED screen, you’ve got to form sure that the cupboard that it’s using be waterproof.

Anything but which will not do.

Since you’ll be placing it outdoors, it’ll naturally be exposed to rain, moisture, and sunlight.

When it’s a water-proof cabinet, then naturally, that might mean it’s sealed properly so no water can get in.

When it’s also sealed properly, dust and moisture won’t be ready to get in too.

And as you recognize , when these elements get inside, they’re going to start causing problems for your billboard LED screen.

So that’s the primary thing you would like to think about .

Lightning protection device

An outdoor billboard LED screen should have how to ground itself since it’ll be placed outdoors.

Chances are, when the weather isn’t good, it’d get hit by lightning.

When there’s no lightning protection device, it’ll short the billboard LED screen.

You have to rue that the grounding resistance is a smaller amount than 3 ohms in order that the facility source are often discharged in time by an outsized current.

Cooling system equipment

When choosing an outdoor billboard LED screen, you would like to form sure that it must even have a cooling system.

This is important because it can sometimes get hot during noontime, and it’ll cause parts of the billboard LED screen’s motherboard to expand if the temperature isn’t maintained.

Normally, overheating shouldn’t be a drag with billboard LED screens.

But since it’ll be placed outside, it should have a cooling system to regulate the temperature.

Keep in mind that the LED screen’s internal temperature should be between -10 degrees to 40 degrees.


When you are choosing an billboard LED screen, you’ll got to think about its brightness.

Remember that it’ll be placed outdoors, and brightness will play a crucial think about displaying a transparent image.

It should be bright enough in order that albeit it’s during the day, the video or images are often seen clearly.

The installation place’s height, natural sun brightness, and installation environment also will contribute to the videos’ clarity factor.

So it might help if you talked to your LED billboard display supplier about this stuff before you purchase one.

Maintenance way

Another important factor once you choose the outdoor billboard LED display is how they’re maintained.

There are two ways to take care of an LED billboard display, the front maintenance LED billboard display and therefore the rear access service LED billboard screen.

Whether or not you’ve got space to repair the outdoor billboard from the rear after the installation factors during which one you ought to choose.

Usually, we recommend an LED billboard screen which will be easily cleaned. If it’s possible, confirm it’s front and rear access.

Control system

You already know what the control systems are. you’ve got to settle on which one you favor .

For more convenience, asynchronous control may be a more sensible choice .

They just typically cost quite the synchronous control type.

All the above choices will make the LED billboard price differently.

Chapter 5 the way to clean Outdoor LED billboard screen?

1. Luckily, the primary thing that must be done is to possess the billboard LED module semi-finished products cleaned.

We say luckily because the LED billboard screen manufacturer are going to be the one doing it and not you. What happens is when the billboard LED module is merely a semi-finished product without a shell, it’s to be cleaned with special washing water.

The manufacturer will need to stain it with some washing water then brush it to accelerate the rosin’s dissolution and therefore the flux detachment.

This will then remove dust and impurities.

2. The second step is where your part starts.

The LED billboard electronic display should be cleaned after the installation.

After installation, there’ll naturally be dust and impurities which will accumulate.

That’s why you would like to wash the LED billboard display surface with clean water to get rid of differing types of dirt.

The surface are often cleaned, but you’ve got to be extra careful.

You can use a cleaning agent if you’ve got one.

3. you would like to form sure you’ve got a gentle supply or access to cleaning materials.

The cleaning agent and special equipment required for outdoor billboard LED display cleaning are as follows:

LED billboard display cleaning solution: It protects the LED billboard screen against dust and can not cause screen damage.

It is the simplest option to replace chemical cleaners.

LED billboard display repair agent: This product has several purposes.

It is the glazing agent that creates the LED billboard display bright, a bit like when it’s out of the box.

Simultaneously, it’s anti-static, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion functions which will get obviate dust easily.

It usually features a PH value of seven .5 in order that it won’t cause damage to the billboard LED monitor .

Special tools: spraying machine, pneumatic brush, cleaning brush, etc.

Cleaning platform: you’ll either prefer to build a scaffolding, steel frame, or hanging basket.

Aerial work vehicles also can be used.

4. Outdoor billboard LED display cleaning steps:

Dust removal. The direction of where the dust is blown should be an equivalent , from left to right or right to left.

You can use knowledgeable electric brush to wash dust or dirt from the display module’s surface.

Cleaning: you’ve got to spray the special cleaning solution onto the module’s surface for preliminary cleaning.

Secondary dust removal: you would like to use knowledgeable electric brush to wash the dust off the LED billboard display module again.

Keep in mind that the comb must get replaced for this cleaning.

You can reuse the brushes, but they need to be cleaned to avoid recontamination.

Secondary cleaning: Spray the special cleaning liquid onto the surface of the module.

This is done to get rid of the dust left by the secondary dust removal.

If there isn’t much dirt, it are often sprayed with clean water.

Just confirm to take care of the direction from top to bottom or right to left.

Blow-dry: If you can’t dry it naturally, the display screen’s surface must be blown dry.

Just confirm your hand blower isn’t boiling because it’d damage the screen.

Use the sprayer to spray the special repair liquid evenly to the surface of the display.

Air drying: you’ll let it dry naturally if the conditions are suitable.

In the case of heat and humidity, it are often blown dry with an air gun.

Just confirm the atmospheric pressure is below 3 kg.

Chapter 6 the way to install the Outdoor LED billboard?

Basically, there are 3 ways to try to to it, counting on how the LED billboard are going to be used.

The LED billboard can either be installed by hanging, wall mount or standing on the ground or other LED display installation ways.

If you see other methods of putting in it, you don’t got to worry; they’re just a variant of those three main methods.

Here’s how they’re done.

Hanging Installation

When it involves hanging installation, the primary thing you would like to form sure is that the screen you’ll be using is light enough, and you’ve got an appropriate place to hold it.

You will need to confirm that the LED billboard screen you’ll be using are often hanged.

LED billboard screens that have this capability usually accompany locks to carry them into place above.

They are locked into a metal hanger with the assistance of these locks.

Bear in mind that when the screen is installed outdoors or maybe semi-outdoors, the wind force should be calculated only for safety.

Wall Mount Installation

For wall mount installations, it’s a touch simpler.

You will need to use a frame which will be bolted on the wall.

This is actually the foremost common installation method for both indoor and outdoor billboard LED screens.

The frame will hold the LED billboard screen.

You need to connect the LED billboard screen to the frame using the wall mount slot and wall mount locks of the LED billboard screen.

However, before you begin doing that, remember that the entire weight of the screen and therefore the weight of the frame shouldn’t be heavier than the utmost weight that the wall can bear.

So whatever you are doing , don’t mount the LED billboard screen on a thin wall.

Standing On the ground Installation

Well, this is often a reasonably easy way of putting in the LED billboard screen. If you’re getting to use it indoors, all you’ve got to try to to is place the billboard LED screen on top of the provided stand.

You need to form sure that the stand is placed on even ground.

If you’re getting to install it outdoors, this may usually involve giant LED billboard screens.

There are two ways you’ll do that .

You can either use a unipolar type or a double-column type.

When you go the unipolar type route, you’ll normally require that the screen’s size be but 30 square meters.

As the name suggests, just one pole is required to carry the screen up.

The double-column type can hold an LED billboard screen that’s about 100 square meters at the most .

The poles will have some frames to carry the screen into place.

All you’ve got to try to to is lock it in situ .

For this type of installation, the great news is it won’t be possible to try to to it on your own.

You will actually need help from several people.

We recommend you hire professionals.

BIG TREE is a Chinese trusted suppliers of outdoor digital highway billboards for sale and has designed and produced all types, sizes, and configurations of steel structures to the outdoor advertising industry for more than 20 years. Being in the business for two decades, the company offers a wide range of products including LED display billboardbus sheltersoutdoor billboardsstreet furnitureled display billboardlight box,etc. Till now our products have been successfully exported to over 35 countries.

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