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Why more and more people choose outdoor light box signs?

Why more and more people choose outdoor light box signs?

Outdoor light box signs production because of cheap cost, easy to make the body, highlighting the theme, bright and striking, variety, good characteristics of publicity by the user’s love. The following advertising company Bigtree for you to briefly introduce the characteristics of advertising light box signboard production.

Outdoor light box signs

Outdoor light box signs production characteristics:

Outdoor light box signs advertising is also known as “light box poster” or “night bright propaganda picture”. Outdoor light box signs from Bigtree are weather-resistant cabinets that have a transparent panel in the front that displays your logo or promotional message. Your graphics are reproduced on translucent film and backlighted by fluorescent or LED illumination. When you flip the switch, your graphics come to life in brilliant, vivid color — making these electric signs perfect advertising and branding solutions for stores, restaurants, offices and more!

These illuminated signs are highly versatile. Outdoor lightboxes let you swing open the clear front panel to update your graphics without replacing the entire sign. Outdoor lightboxes were pioneered by movie theaters that needed to switch out film posters frequently and capture the attention of passersby. Now, many businesses are benefiting from these attractive and affordable signage solutions!

Outdoor light box signboard advertising is different from other types of advertising. Material is the material basis for the realization of outdoor advertising design thinking. In order to convey the advertising information, outdoor advertising design should finally use materials to make finished products and install them in place.

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Benefit from quality construction and convenient features

Build to the highest standards, outdoor lightboxes from Bigtree are designed with both convenience and durability in mind:

  • Tough, exterior-rated panels are designed to withstand the weather
  • Aluminum-frame construction and rubber weather-stripping keep the elements out
  • Swing-open frames allow for easy poster changes; for example, restaurants can make fast sign changes for different menus or specials
  • Locking frames prevent tampering and theft
  • Predrilled holes in the aluminum frame enable vertical (i.e., portrait) or horizontal (i.e., landscape) mounting
  • Standard electrical circuitry operates on common 120-volt electrical receptacles


New flexible outdoor light box signs to change the traditional light box in the daytime effect is poor, can be made into a physical model, and a few years do not change color, easy transportation, easy installation, not easy to wear and flame retardant. Widely used in banks, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, gas stations, etc., has become a new form of shop facade decoration.

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It made a lot of materials, including PC board, KT board, PVC board, PP board, stainless steel, acrylic, toughened glass, iron, aluminum, hard plastic, all kinds of paper, stone, wood, glass, resin, prompt paste, body stick, double color boards, photosensitive glue, plates, light boxes, light box cloth, fluorescent paste, cold light film, reflective film, all kinds of lamps and lanterns, all kinds of adhesives and a variety of aluminum, etc.

BIG TREE are the outdoor light box signs suppliers in China. Being in the business for two decades, the company offers a wide range of products including bus shelters, outdoor billboards, street furniture, led display billboard, light box,etc. Till now our products have been successfully exported to over 35 countries.

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