Outdoor Digital LED Screen Advertising Unipole Display

Supply Capacity:20 sets/month


Brand Name:  BIG TREE

Place of  Origin:  Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Delivery time:  25 days after payment

Usage:  Outdoor advertising

Warranty:  20 years

Min Order:  1 set



Specializing in Outdoor Digital LED Screen Advertising Unipole Display

BIG TREE is a leading manufacturer of Outdoor Digital LED Screen Advertising Unipole Display with over 10 years of experience in the industry from China supplier. If you are looking for an outdoor full color SMD or DIP LED Advertising display. Supply has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision for your business. Stand out from competitors with our vibrant and attractive outdoor & Indoor LED advertising products.


First to choose the LED modules type between DIP and SMD.


1.DIP LED Display Modules

DIP LED stand for “Dual In-line Package”. and got started being used in different technology since the early 1960’s. This module is put together by using three bubble shaped color LED bulbs that are joined with two connector feet. Sockets or through-hole soldering is used to mount these DIP modules. With sockets, replacing the device is very simple and also there is no risk of damage caused by overheating (which occurs during soldering). After the assembling of DIP outdoor modules is done, heat-dissipating silicone is used to weather proof each module.


2.SMD LED Display Modules

SMD stands for “Surface-Mount Device”. Three colors of LED bulbs are encapsulated into one slim case which is directly soldered onto a circuit. Because these diodes are mounted onto only one surface on the board, they are small and can be placed closer together. Closer placement results in a higher resolution and this is why SMD modules are more popularly used in indoor solutions. These modules can be made to as small as 1mm in size. So, with that said, the uses for SMDs have rapidly increased in the first decade of the 21st century.

Choose Pixel pitch for Outdoor or Indoor LED Screen Sign

What Pixel Pitch Outdoor LED Display is the best choice for your Outdoor LED Sign? Currently, the main model of outdoor LED display are P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, how to make right choice to select the most fit Pixel pitch?

1.Viewing Distance

Of course, smaller PH value, the higher the pixel resolution, and the viewing distance is more close. if you want a close viewing distance then should take the small pixel pitch model such as P4, P5, P6, otherwise you can take a large pixel pitch such as P16, P20. The Medium pixel pitch model like P10 and P8 is very hot model.

2.LED Sign Size

Recommend Size that less than 10 square meters, it is recommended to use P4, P5, P6 HD outdoor LED display. While Size between 10-20 square feet, it is recommended to use P8 or P10 full color LED display.

Size Up to 20-100 square meters, the viewing distance of 10 meters away, it is recommended to use P10 P13.3 or P20.

Through the above, the analysis can be drawn: in fact, viewing distance and area are linked. Watch the distance, the body of the screen area will certainly be bigger, then the display resolution requirements are not very high, so select a point on the line spacing of the screen, of course, you have the money capricious, can also choose a small pitch screen, but the cost much higher, is not worthwhile.

So the choice for outdoor LED display Pixel Pitch, need according to your actual requirements, combined with comprehensive consideration Screen size, housing type and budget. The most suitable is the best.


Item nameOutdoor Digital LED Screen Advertising Unipole Display
SizeCustom Made
Stucture MaterialQ235 or Q345 Steel
Surface TreatmentHot Dip Galvanized or Painted
Panel SheetGI sheet
Wind Resistance130 km/h or customized
Service Life20 years
Additional FeaturesCan be equipped with solar power system, light box, LED screens

Outdoor-Digital-LED-Screen-Advertising-Unipole-Display drawing

Choose LED Screen Control System

A suitable control system is crucial for led display. There mainly have 2 kinds of control system on market, one is synchronous and the other is asynchronous.

Synchronized control system


As the name implies, it means that the LED display screen will show what the computer shows.Synchronous control system means the led display will show videos or images directly from computer or other input source, such as DVD, camera, TV, VCR, etc.

The synchronized system are consisted of sending card, receiving card and the relevant control software that will be installed in the computer.

The LED display screen and the computer can be connected when the sending card is put in the computer and the receiving card is installed in the screen, after that you can edit the program with the software in the computer then send it via the sending card to the receiving card, next the receiving card will transfer the program to the screen automatically and lastly the screen will broadcast the program. That is to say you need a computer working with the LED display screen all the time, once the computer does not work the LED display screen will stop working too.

When using synchronous control card, the led display need to always connect with a PC or video processor, when connection is cut off, the led display could not work normally.

Fast data transmission is one of advantage of synchronous control system; the led display will display programs from computer (or other input source) without any delay. Besides, it could transmit huge data volume, too.

Synchronous control system is mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising display, stage rental using led display, sports led display, and studio led display, and so on.


Asynchronous control system

Compared with synchronized control system, asynchronous control system is just the opposite. It does not need a computer to work with the screens all the time because the sending card which has memory function.Asynchronous control system indicates the led display will show programs asynchronous, the led display doesn’t need to always connect with a PC, it could work separately.

When using asynchronous control system, the programs will be edited on computer, then send to control card by UTP cat5, USB disk, Wifi wireless, 3G wireless or others. Once programs were sending to control card successfully, it will be saved on it. Then the end user could cut off connection between led display and PC.

Usually it will be put in the cabinet and you can send program to the sending card with computer via ethernet cable, 3G, wifi, SD card or USB thumb drive. It will be “uploaded” into the memory of the sending card. After that the program will be transferred to the receiving card and lastly the screens will broadcast the program automatically. In most cases, we recommend our customers choose our industrial standard wifi router, to replace the ethernet cable with wireless signal, so that you get the greatest convenience to program the led display.

If the control PC is very far away from led display, asynchronous control system is a good choice. If the installation position is not convenient for wiring, asynchronous is a good solution, too.

Asynchronous control card is widely used for shop entrance led display, small size led sign, roadside led display, outdoor advertising player, etc.

We are committed to providing finished steel advertising unipole LED billboard structures that exceed industry standards in quality, safety, and return on investment. We are expert in creating solutions for even the most demanding outdoor LED advertising location challenges! We also specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of signs in locations where other companies say it is not possible!


◉   Any billboard designs for BIGTREE could be customized

◉   Energy saving billboard

◉   Environmentally friendly rust-proof spray paint/hot-dip galvanizing are optional

◉   Professional installation support

◉   Strong structure, Wind speed: 130km/h

◉   Removable structure for container transportation

◉   Fast installation, 24 hours can be installed

Quality is our priority.

We focus on quality from designing to manufacturing. All our designed drawings are strictly calculated and approved by senior engineers. Manufacturing is our advantage. We have experienced workers, advanced CNC machines, professional quality control department to make sure thepricise of each process.