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Production process and types of outdoor billboards

Production process and types of outdoor billboards

Outdoor billboard production process is diverse and developing rapidly, in addition to the traditional process of neon, printing, adhesive paste, hand-painted road signs. In recent years, the introduction of technology has been commonly used.

Production process and types of outdoor billboards

1, computer spray painting: widely used in the processing of large outdoor billboard light box spray painting portrait picture, clarity has a fine spray and general spray, etc., applicable to the width is not limited, can be spliced, suitable for different locations, different distances of outdoor light boxes and production. In recent years, foreign countries into the Chinese market of high-definition substantial spray painting equipment: width 5M, but the price is high, limited applicability, not easy to promote widely, the conventional width is 3 meters to 3.2 meters.

2, computer photo: clarity of 240DPI or more, suitable for making indoor and outdoor close advertising, more high-definition photo, can print out tiny details.

3, spray-painted cloth seams: high-frequency high-pressure heat seams, the use of special welding tape, special seam tape, is the processing of outdoor advertising blister light box screen auxiliary technical means.

4、Light box spray painting taut system and profile light box technology: it can make the light box firm, flat and durable as a whole, and can resist 100KM/hour wind.

5、Thermal transfer printing technology: add solid ink on the flexible light box cloth to do hot pressing treatment, day and night as eye-catching and brilliant, can replace the adhesive paste. The surface layer with protective light film, more anti-UV, automatic removal of accumulated dirt and other characteristics. Thermal transfer technology is the ideal technical means for outdoor light box, especially suitable for dealing with fonts, cartoon block patterns, shelf life of up to 5-8 years. Used in the current banner, and screen printing plane printing and other printing technology.

6, thermoforming process: applicable to PVC, PC, organic board, blister board, acrylic board and other materials, can make the logo, text, graphics with a variety of colors, a molding, is one of the forms of modern popular light box. Practical in the current blister letters, blister light boxes.

7, slotted word process: is a contemporary high-grade font production process, the use of professional design, fine production, is an alternative to copper letters, posts of a new generation of products. There are carving, blistering and other processes manufacturing.

8, computer engraving light box process: can be built-in light, external computer engraving, on over light evenly, is a new type of light box products. Now the LED blister light-emitting letters, LED blister light box, etc.

9, a variety of computer engraving process: applicable to the production of various signs, fonts. Can manufacture a variety of acrylic crystal word, hibiscus word, PVC word, badge, logo signage, navigation signs, section signs, door signs and other kinds of shopping mall floor logo signs.

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