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Welcome to Bigtree, Scrolling light box Manufacturers & Suppliers in China.

We are the one-stop solution for all kinds of scrolling light box manufacturers advertisements all of the world. We offer the best quality service at an affordable price for the advertisements to reach far and productive. You could want a Scrolling light box erected on the busiest of places and we are the right choice in all ways to make it happen within the minimum of time for maximum reach to people.

Why Choose Scrolling Light Box

Scrolling light boxes have always been a wide-ranging light box, they can always be seen in the streets and alleys, and the scrolling light box scrolling advertising form is very attractive, allowing pedestrians to stand in the eye, is a tool for advertising. Why scrolling light boxes will be popular, Bigtree as a manufacturer specializing in the production and development of light boxes, think that the advantages of scrolling light boxes are:

  1. The materials of the scrolling light box are mostly made of recyclable resources. The lightbox is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and easy to use.
  2.  There are usually three types of scrolling light boxes, the cold steel plate painted, aluminum profiles, stainless steel, and the materials used to make the light boxes are strong and durable. The aluminum profile scrolling light box has a short construction period, and its aluminum has strong adhesion, and there is no discoloration or plaque after spraying. Cold plates and stainless steel can be made into various self-shaped shapes by bending and welding.
  3. The scrolling light box adopts a digital scrolling control system, which is extremely smooth and noise-free when the poster is converted and can be placed in an environment that needs to be kept quiet.
  4. The scrolling light box adopts LED light source, soft light, long life, high brightness, low heat and low power consumption. The scrolling light box canvas uses PP paper, backlit film, etc., which complement each other and add a dynamic and beautiful scenery to the city.
  5. The scrolling light box can also be equipped with LED electronic display on top of the light box, voice playback, electronic calendar, remote control, multiple light boxes running at the same time and other functions.


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    Advantages of Scrolling Light Box Manufacturers & Suppliers in China

    1. Lower production costs

    The biggest advantage of manufacturing your products in China is that you can lessen the product cost, without reducing the volume of products you create.

    2. High output in less time

    China manufacturers have the ability to produce large orders of products in a very short time.

    3. Large number of suppliers to choose from

    Your ad is shipped electronically to the screen, which may happen during a matter of hours. No got to send a paper poster fortnight before your ad goes up.

    4. Access to Cutting-edge Technology

    Realizing the potential of its market in the era of globalization, China has spent the last few years developing its technology. Heavy investments in research and development have helped the country gain an edge over other emerging countries.

    scrolling light box Manufacturers

    Scrolling Light Box Drawing

    Each outdoor advertising structure is designed and manufactured as a one of a kind, unique project. We continually work to improve structure designs and refine our fabrication methods so that we can consistently deliver high quality structures with short turn-around times.

    We offer Scrolling Light Box structure designs varying from the very basic to the extreme configurations demanded by difficult locations.

    If you are looking for a Scrolling Light Box, ad billboards or Street furniture advertising. BIG TREE has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision for your business.

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    scrolling light box Manufacturers

    BIGTREE can custom according to your sizes or any other demands.

    We have standard size, but if your needing size is different from them. Don’t worry,we can custom for you! Or you have special requirements, also please feel free to contact us, we will design for you specially.

    The production of scrolling light boxes isn’t complicated but also not simple, which results in the standard of scrolling light boxes. it’s especially important to settle on an honest scrolling light box manufacturer. Bigtree adheres to the business philosophy of honesty and repair and is willing to supply first-class products for patrons and work along side customers to develop together.

    LED Lighting System

    High bright LED light source

    scrolling light box LED-Lighting-System
    scrolling light box Glass-Door

    Glass Door

    6mm/8mm tempered glass with silk-screen border

    Gas Spring

    Automatically security open the door

    scrolling light box Gas-Spring

    Stand Base

    Large quantity, the design of the base, material and colour can be customized to your specific needs.


    Aluminum Profile Frame

    Modem waterproof design with cooling fan

    Widely use in the outdoor advertising light box

    Intelligent Scrolling System

    ①Local time and date ②Daily working time and scrolling ③Poster QTY Display time of each poster ④Synchronize work(Optional) ⑤Battery back up system(Optional)

    scrolling light box Intelligent-Scrolling-System
    scrolling light box Manufacturers

    Container Shipment

    Worried about how such a huge structure could get to your country?

    All our product are completely designed and manufactured in modular way,100% bolted together, which allows production flexibility, simple transport and storage. The bolt ball&bar structure can be dismantled into small parts during transportation to make full use of the space in the container.

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    Packaging Details

    Mupi Scrolling Light Box-Container Shipment-293x396

    Packaging Details

    Container Shipment


    Container Shipment

    Container Shipment