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Why use solar billboard light

Why use solar billboard light

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In the usual billboard production, the general use of printing technology to print the advertising content on the advertising cloth, at night, and then the use of light continued to shine on the advertising cloth, advertising content can be clearly visible, this way of high demand for electricity energy, need to light all night, causing serious waste of electricity energy.

Off Grid Solar Billboard Lighting systems use commercial grade solar LED billboard lighting where ac power is not readily available or too costly to access. Solar Powered Billboards combined with energy efficient, high performance LED display billboard fixtures provide a great solution for businesses and advertisement companies.

Stand alone solar billboard lighting systems illuminate advertising unipole billboards of various sizes, large signs and monument signs at a substantial savings. Reduce costs of operation, eliminate maintenance costs, and increase visibility and revenues for billboard advertising.


Solar billboard is a kind of advertising display device using solar power as energy, billboard and Solar Billboard Lighting systems components integrated design, has a certain wind resistance ability, the internal use of intelligent charge and discharge control and GPRS remote communication transmission technology. Compared with the traditional advertising display device, solar billboard installation is simple, stable and reliable, no cable laying, no consumption of conventional energy, long service life and other advantages, green environmental protection, can be used in places without power supply or inconvenient to lay cables.

Solar billboard, including base, support bar, control box, billboards, solar panels and batteries, one end of support bar is fixed on the base, the other end of the installation of control box, billboards and fixed at both sides of the control box, solar panel installed on the control box, the top of the battery installed on the base, control box respectively with solar panels, batteries and billboards electrical connection, control equips with main control board and GPRS module, master of threatening the battery charge and discharge control, GPRS module to receive messages from the mobile phone or computer transmission, control billboards display content.

Billboard lighting has always been extremely expensive however, solar billboard lighting has changed all of that. Solar billboard lights make lighting outdoor advertising of any size and at any location simpler and more cost-effective than it ever has been before. With solar billboard lights, you will never have to pay for:

Trenching, wiring and re-landscaping
Electric utility connections and monthly service charges
Land usage and monthly maintenance costs

BIG TREE are among the leading manufacturers of outdoor advertising billboard in the China. Being in the business for two decades, the company offers a wide range of products including outdoor billboard, bus shelters, street furniture, digital advertising displays, light box,etc. Till now our products have been successfully exported to over 35 countries.

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