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Solar Billboard

Outdoor advertising Solar Billboard Lights are the best, most cost-effective advertising billboard solar lighting system. Each solar billboard light includes high-efficiency solar panels, high-output LED light fixtures (rated at 400W each) and all the other components that you need for a complete, hassle-free installation right out of the box (batteries, wiring and lighting/charge controller). As an experienced Solar Powered LED display Billboard China Manufacturer, BigTree provide you high quality Solar Billboard with competitive pricing.


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    Advantages of Solar Billboard

    1. Perfect solution for illuminating billboards
    Solar Billboard light is the perfect solution for illuminating billboards in remote locations, or areas where it’s too difficult or too expensive to gain access to electric power.

    2. Cost saving
    A solar system can save thousands due to eliminating the need for trenching cables, and will also provide an environmentally friendly image for the business or organization.

    3. Products made to last
    Solar Illuminations offers many lighting solutions that can illuminate billboards of most sizes and designs.

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    Solar Billboard Drawing

    Each Solar Billboard structure is designed and manufactured as a one of a kind, unique project. We continually work to improve structure designs and refine our fabrication methods so that we can consistently deliver high quality structures with short turn-around times.

    We offer Solar Billboard structure designs varying from the very basic to the extreme configurations demanded by difficult locations.

    If you are looking for an Solar Billboard, ad billboards or Street furniture advertising. BIG TREE has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision for your business.

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    Solar Billboard Container Shipment

    Worried about how such a huge structure could get to your country?

    All our LED Advertising Display are completely designed and manufactured in modular way,100% bolted together, which allows production flexibility, simple transport and storage. The bolt ball&bar structure can be dismantled into small parts during transportation to make full use of the space in the container.

    Let us show you! WhatsApp today at +86 153 9707 9605 or Get an Online Quote!

    Packaging Details

    Unipole Billboards Packaging Details
    Unipole Billboards Packaging Details

    Packaging Details

    Container Shipment

    Unipole Billboards Packaging Details
    Unipole Billboards Packaging Details-4

    Container Shipment

    Container Shipment