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Great useful of the persuasive advertising techniques | Updated for 2021

Outdoor advertising to improve the effect of advertising, one of the persuasive advertising techniques is to create a sense of identity!

Now, outdoor advertising, to find the entry point of the market, with scientific innovation methods, to improve the brand awareness, is a profound knowledge! Advertisers want to improve the effect of outdoor advertising, so improve the customer group identification of outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising should create a sense of identity, then what is the content of this sense of identity?

advertising techniques

Dr. Thomas de Zengottita, a media anthropologist and author of Mediation: How the Media Structs Your World and Lifestyle, believes that identity is one of the most important human needs.

We want to be recognized, we want to be recognized, why humans want to be recognized, it’s a sense of belonging, human beings need to feel like they are part of a group and they need to feel loved by that group. This recognition is also a satisfaction of our existence, because of identity so confident, because of confidence all proud, because of pride so towards success.

Therefore, in the planning process of outdoor advertising, we also need to seriously consider how to create a sense of identity. Where does the sense of identity come from? The first is the consistency between advertising production and the needs of consumer groups. This needs to seize the pain points of consumer demand, and can be combined with festivals and current events for outdoor advertising.

Of course, in addition to creating a sense of identity in the production of outdoor advertising, the creation of a sense of identity is also very important in advertising presentation. The sense of identity in advertising presentation is understood by the author as the interaction between consumers and advertisements, which is the interaction after consumers identify with advertisements.

In the digital era, interaction is to make full use of offline outdoor advertising resources, and serve online and offline resources. Now a lot of advertisers are doing this. Businesses print advertising resources outdoors to promote products and attract consumers at the same time. Consumers see and are attracted to realize consumption. Outdoor advertising and products interact with each other through the mobile Internet, so as to achieve a closed loop.

advertising techniques

However, in addition to advertisers through the display of consumer content in this way to win the interaction with consumers, there is also a timely feedback interaction, the use of two-dimensional code. Remember Zhongguancun Ding good building outdoor LED advertising screen, once there was a large two-dimensional code screen, no content.

So many consumers out of curiosity to open the phone, have been scanning the QR code. In the process of consumers interacting with the two-dimensional code, it is the identification of consumers for the two-dimensional code in the form of advertising. One of the persuasive advertising techniques of advertising is to interact with consumers

In the era of digital intelligence, if advertising wants to develop healthfully and sustainably, it is necessary to attract the interaction of consumers, and the basis of interaction is to create a sense of identity. As Dr. Thomas De Zengertita said, the sense of identity is a sense of belonging. Behind the identification of advertising is the recognition of the advertising production team, so that the advertising production team has the confidence to do more and better advertising works.

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