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What is a highway billboard advertising?

Highway billboard advertising

Highway billboard advertising

With the continuous completion and operation of highways in various countries, advertisements about highways are increasingly sought after by advertisers. The closed nature of the highway group determines the monopoly of highway billboard advertising in terms of resources. Using the existing facilities of the highway, it is of positive significance to enhance the economic effect of the highway by legally releasing advertisements along the highway kilometers. Reasonable use of effective management makes high-speed kilometer billboard advertising an effective carrier for advertising communication and brand promotion.


The manifestation form of highway billboard advertising is mainly based on outdoor. At present, it is common to see T-shaped billboards erected along the highway, which is often referred to as “high-speed single column”; another kind of billboard is set up by using facilities, houses and cross-line bridges along the highway, and billboards are usually two-sided or three-sided.

Highway billboard advertising

The characteristic of highway billboard advertising is that it is mandatory for the communication audience, but as an eye-catching billboard in a lonely journey, it actually constitutes a flowing scenery to some extent, and does not cause disgust to passengers along the way. And huge advertising images often give people a shocking visual impact, people in front of the huge billboard only passive acceptance of information, the advertising effect is very amazing.


There are also many forms of advertising in the service area, such as pop posters, light boxes, standing signs, etc., but this requires more time and energy to manage.


The characteristics of the highway determine its form of advertising. At present, the revenue of highway billboard advertising accounts for the majority of outdoor billboard revenue, but the setting of outdoor advertising is limited by the site, space and density, his resources are easily saturated at once, and its prospect lies more in the full utilization of existing resources. And other concentrated advertising types such as free brochures, service area advertising, etc. are promising and have room for further development.

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