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What material is used for billboards?

What material is used for billboards

What material is used for billboards?

Billboards are widely described in people’s mind. Such as: signage, signage, etc., people also have people called billboards, because, he or she did not refine to say; here is for the layman, want to make a spiritual fortress, but do not know how to describe the kind of [spiritual fortress], open mouth to say to make billboards, so that professional personnel misunderstood the meaning. The word billboard describes more things, such as: outdoor wall advertising, outdoor T-board, three-sided billboard and so on.
Billboards include so many guide system things, billboards are generally made of what materials! Such as the following some billboard production with material description.

1, Kt board

What material is used for billboards-KT board

Kt board is a kind of advertising production, kt board is by a kind of ps particles through the foam generation board core, through the surface of the laminate lamination and into a new type of material, it is characterized by pressure resistance, light, not easy to deformation, often used in advertising display promotions, construction decoration and packaging and so on.

2, Spray painting

What material is used for billboards-Spray painting

Spray painting is usually used for large outdoor advertising, such as: fence packaging with spray painting; its method is also more thorough, it can be made into billboards and width, its method of comparison single, compared to portrait it is a greater advantage is that its output screen will be very large, can make a lot of large advertising, because it can be spliced.

3, Photo

Writing is one of the most commonly used methods of advertising manufacturing, its pixels are relatively high, a variety of images understand, many large advertising use photo, it will not be distorted after the expansion, a long time will not lose color, etc., but also to stay the next use can be sufficient to save money, and a variety of methods, can be made into easy to pull, posters, back stickers, light film, photo stickers, X display, etc., there are many reverse side is no Glue, can not be attached to the top, but compared to spray painting in photo understanding that is a great advantage.

4, Color steel buckle plate

Highway billboard advertising-Color steel buckle plateThese years a new type of billboard material, color buckle plate is made of galvanized steel strip covered with multi-layer maintenance paint after finally covered with color paint. The overall effect is good, low cost, simple equipment. Once listed, it has received a lot of attention from the advertising industry. Nowadays, the colorful steel buckle board has been applied to indoor ceiling decoration, outdoor advertising door plan, outdoor billboard, urban road overall plan. It has become the vanguard of the advertising industry.

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